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Mobile human-computer interaction -- MobileHCI 2004 : 6th International Symposium, MobileHCI 2004, Glasgow, UK, September 13-16, 2004 : proceedings / Stephen Brewster, Mark Dunlop (eds.).

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Creatore: MobileHCI 2004 (2004 : Glasgow, Scotland)
Titolo: Mobile human-computer interaction -- MobileHCI 2004 : 6th International Symposium, MobileHCI 2004, Glasgow, UK, September 13-16, 2004 : proceedings / Stephen Brewster, Mark Dunlop (eds.).
Link to work: Mobile human-computer interaction--MobileHCI 2004 Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2004
Estensione: xvii, 541 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Creatori/Collaboratori: Brewster, Stephen, , 1967-
Dunlop, Mark
Note generali: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Nota di contenuto: What can you say with only three pixels? / Christopher Campbell and Peter Tarasewich -- Investigating the relationship between battery life and user acceptance of dynamic, energy-aware interfaces on handhelds / Lance Bloom, Rachel Eardley, Erik Geelhoed, Meera Manahan and Parthasarathy Ranganathan -- Mental models of a cellular phone menu : comparing older and younger novice users / Martina Ziefle and Susanne Bay -- Using landmarks to support older people in navigation / Joy Goodman, Phil Gray, Kartik Khammampad and Stephen Brewster -- Heuristic evaluation and mobile usability : bridging the realism gap / Shirlina Po, Steve Howard, Frank Vetere and Mikael B. Skov -- Is it worth the hassle? : exploring the added value of evaluating the usability of context-aware mobile systems in the field / Jesper Kjeldskov, Mikael B. Skov, Benedikte S. Als and Rune T. Hoegh -- Home is where your phone is : usability evaluation of mobile phone UI for a smart home / Tiiu Koskela, Kaisa Vaananen-Vainio-Mattila and Lauri Lehti -- User validation of a nomadic exhibition guide / Barbara Schmidt-Belz and Fabian Hermann -- Social networks and mobile games : the use of Bluetooth for a multiplayer card game / Chris Baber and Oliver Westmancott -- Eye movement study of reading on a mobile device using the page and RSVP text presentation formats / Gustav Oquist, Anna Sagvall Hein, Jan Ygge and Mikael Goldstein -- Tilt-based automatic zooming and scaling in mobile devices - a state-space implementation / Parisa Eslambolchilar and Roderick Murray-Smith -- An evaluation of techniques for browsing photograph collections on small displays / Dynal Patel, Gary Marsden, Steve Jones and Matt Jones -- Variability in wrist-tilt accelerometer based gesture interfaces / Andrew Crossan and Roderick Murray-Smith -- Mobile note taking : investigating the efficacy of mobile text entry / Joanna Lumsden and Andrew Gammell -- The personal audio loop : designing a ubiquitous audio-based memory aid / Gillian R. Hayes, Shwetak N. Patel, Khai N. Truong, Giovanni Iachello, Julie A. Kientz, Rob Farmer and Gregory D. Abowd -- A study on gestural interaction with a 3D audio display / Georgios Marentakis and Stephen A. Brewster -- A study of application and device effects between a WAP phone and a palm PDA / Jiraporn Buranatrived and Paul Vickers -- Personalization-based optimization of Web interfaces for mobile devices / Michael Hinz, Zoltan Fiala and Frank Wehner -- Mixed-initiative, trans-modal interface migration / Renata Bandelloni, Silvia Berti and Fabio Paterno -- Web page transformation when switching devices / Bonnie MacKay, Carolyn Watters and Jack Duffy -- Mobile context aware systems : the intelligence to support tasks and effectively utilise resources / Russell Beale and Peter Lonsdale -- Usability of MobiVR concept : towards large virtual touch screen for mobile devices / Tiiu Koskela and Inka Vilpola -- Handy : a new interaction device for vehicular information systems / Gennaro Costagliola, Sergio Di Martino, Filomena Ferrucci, Giuseppe Oliviero, Umberto Montemurro and Alessandro Paliotti -- Interactive positioning based on object visibility / Christian Kray and Gerd Kortuem -- IDeixis - searching the Web with mobile images for location-based information / Konrad Tollmar, Tom Yeh and Trevor Darrell -- The use of landmarks in pedestrian navigation instructions and the effects of context / Tracy Ross, Andrew May and Simon Thompson -- A paper prototype study of the interface for a children's collaborative handheld learning application / Jason T. Black, Lois W. Hawkes, Jean-Pierre Ketly, Isaac Johnson II and Marvin Lee -- Ubibus : ubiquitous computing to help blind people in public transport / Michel Banatre, Paul Couderc, Julien Pauty and Mathieu Becus -- Improving the effectiveness of mobile application design : user-pairs testing by non-professionals / Titti Kallio and Aki Kekalainen -- Pen-based gestures : an approach to reducing screen clutter in mobile computing / Mark Nicholson and Paul Vickers -- Dynamic primitives for gestural interaction / Steven Strachan, Roderick Murray-Smith, Ian Oakley and Jussi Angesleva -- Touch detection system for mobile terminals / Jani Mantyjarvi, Kjell Nybergh, Johan Himberg and Kari Hjelt -- Mobile text input with soft keyboards : optimization by means of visual clues / Laurent Magnien, Jean Leon Bouraoui and Nadine Vigouroux -- Watch-top text-entry : can phone-style predictive text-entry work with only 5 buttons? / Mark D. Dunlop -- Pair-wise variability index : evaluating the cognitive difficulty of using mobile text entry systems / Frode Eika Sandnes and Hua-Li Jian -- Xaudio : results from a field trial study on a technology enhancing radio listeners' user experience / Reinhard Sefelin, Verena Seibert-Giller and Manfred Tscheligi -- O2 active : enhancing user experience on mobile phones / Anat S. Amir -- A prototype for remote vehicle diagnostics / Jonas Kuschel, Henrik Fagrell and Carl Johan Andersson -- Adaptive portal aggregation for pervasive client devices / Ming Li and Marion Blount -- Supporting mobile applications with real-time visualisation of GPS availability / Anthony Steed -- Bringing the office to the stables / Stefan Wagner -- Comparison of mobile and fixed use of SmartLibrary / Markus Aittola, Pekka Parhi, Maria Vieruaho and Timo Ojala -- Automatic partitioning of Web pages using clustering / Richard Romero and Adam Berger -- Acoustic features for profiling mobile users of conversational interfaces / Dave Toney, David Feinberg and Korin Richmond -- Butler : a universal speech interface for mobile environments / Botond Pakucs -- Learnability and automatic clustering of images in mobile devices / Aino Ahtinen and Malin Andersson -- UbiquiTO : a multi-device adaptive guide / Ilaria Amendola, Federica Cena, Luca Console, Andrea Crevola, Cristina Gena, Anna Goy, Sonia Modeo, Monica Perrero, Ilaria Torre and Andrea Toso -- Visualizing the thematic update status of Web and WAP sites on mobile phones / Luca Chittaro -- Adapting Web-pages for mobile/PC collaboration / Hui-Na Chua, Simon D. Scott, See-Leng Ng, Michael Gardner, Anuroop Shahi and Peter Blanchfield -- EMG as a subtle input interface for mobile computing / Enrico Costanza, Alberto Perdomo, Samuel A. Inverso and Rebecca Allen -- Mobile support for team-based field surveys / Malcolm Hall and Philip Gray -- "Please turn ON your mobile phone" - first impressions of text-messaging in lectures / Matt Jones and Gary Marsden -- A stereoscopic image rendering method for autostereoscopic mobile devices / Daehee Kim, Hoonjong Kang and Chunghyun Ahn -- The effects of mobile pedestrian navigation systems on the concurrent acquisition of route and survey knowledge / Antonio Kruger, Ilhan Aslan and Hubert Zimmer -- Supporting museum co-visits using mobile devices / Yann Laurillau and Fabio Paterno -- Chording as a text entry method in mobile phones / Seongil Lee and Sang Hyuk Hong -- Engaging learners with everyday technology : a participatory simulation using mobile phones / Peter Lonsdale, Chris Baber and Mike Sharples -- One-push sharing : facilitating picture sharing from camera phones / Gary Look, Robert Laddaga and Howard Shrobe -- Delivering personalized local services / Laszlo Marai, Javier Lafuente, Gabor Marton, Timo Perala and Mikko Tarkiainen -- Mobility mapping - a discount technique for exploring user needs for future mobile products and services / Val Mitchell, Susan Harker and Ken Eason -- Memojog - an interactive memory aid incorporating mobile based technologies / Kenny Morrison, Andrea Szymkowiak and Peter Gregor -- JIKUKAN-POEMER : geographic information system using camera phone equipped with GPS, and its exhibition on a street / Yasuto Nakanishi, Masashige Motoe and Shohei Matsukawa -- Visual object detection for mobile road sign inventory / Christin Seifert, Lucas Paletta, Andreas Jeitler, Evelyn Hodl, Jean-P. Andreu, Patrick Luley and Alexander Almer --
Integrated care plan and documentation on handheld devices in mobile home care / Isabella Scandurra, Maria Hagglund and Sabine Koch -- CENTAUR : a two-panel user interface for mobile document access / Greg Schohn and Adam Berger -- Smartphone views : building multi-device distributed user interfaces / Micael Sjolund, Anders Larsson and Erik Berglund -- The lack of intelligent design in mobile phones / Georg Strom -- Visual and interaction design for 3G mobile phone interfaces / Anders Norman, Sofia Svanteson and Jesper Wiking -- Handheld usability : design, prototyping, and usability testing for mobile phones, PDAs, and pagers / Scott Weiss -- 3rd international workshop on : "HCI in mobile guides" / Keith Cheverst and Barbara Schmidt-Belz -- Interaction design for CSCL in ubiquitous computing / Lucia Terrenghi, Carla Valle and Giorgio De Michelis -- Mobile HCI 2004 workshop on location systems privacy and control / Ian Smith, Giovanni Iachello and Mika Raento -- Mobile HCI and sound / Simon Holland, Robert Day, Gregory Leplatre and Alistair Edwards -- Second international workshop on mobile and ubiquitous information access / Fabio Crestani, Matt Jones and Stefano Mizzaro -- Mobile communications versus pervasive communications : the role of handhelds / Akseli Anttila, Amnon Ribak, Anxo Cereijo Roibas, Sabine Seymour, Sofia Svanteson, Scott Weiss and David Williams -- The myth of the 'martini solution' / Richard Harper, Abigail Sellen, Tim Kindberg, Phil Gosett and Kaisa Vaananen-Vainio-Mattila.
Forme fisiche agg.: Also issued online.
Collana: Lecture notes in computer science, 0302-9743 ; 3160
Varianti del titolo: Mobile human-computer interaction
MobileHCI 2004
Mobile HCI 2004
Varianti del titolo: Mobile human-computer interaction
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