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Intelligent problem solving : methodologies and approaches : 13th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2000, New Orleans, Lousiana, USA, June 19-22, 2000 : proceedings / Rasiah Loganantharaj, Günther Palm, Moonis Ali (eds.).

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Creatore: International Conference on Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems (13th : 2000 : New Orleans, La.)
Titolo: Intelligent problem solving : methodologies and approaches : 13th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2000, New Orleans, Lousiana, USA, June 19-22, 2000 : proceedings / Rasiah Loganantharaj, Günther Palm, Moonis Ali (eds.).
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Pubblicazione: Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000
Estensione: xvii, 751 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Disciplina: 006.3
Titolo uniforme di collana: Lecture notes in computer science ; 1821.
Lecture notes in computer science. Lecture notes in artificial intelligence.
Classificazione LOC: Q334 .I556 2000
Creatori/Collaboratori: Loganantharaj, Rasiah
Palm, Günther
Ali, Moonis
Contenuto supplementare: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Nota di contenuto: Keynote Presentation: Multisensor Data Fusion / Pramod K. Varshney -- Implementing Multi-party Agent Conversations / Christos Stergiou, Jeremy Pitt and Frank Guerin / [et al.] -- Agreement and Coalition Formation in Multiagent-Based Virtual Marketplaces / Luis Brito and Jose Neves -- A Framework for the Development of Cooperative Configuration Agents / A. Felfernig, G. Friedrich and D. Jannach / [et al.] -- Java-Based Distributed Intelligent Agent Architecture for Building Safety-Critical Tele-Inspection Systems on the Internet / Jae-Chul Moon, Soon-Ju Kang and Nam-Seog Park -- The Use of Al Methods for Evaluating Condition Dependent Dynamic Models of Vehicle Brake Squeal / Simon Feraday, Chris Harris and Kihong Shin / [et al.] -- Towards an Estimation Aid for Nuclear Power Plant Refueling Operations / J. A. Steele, L. A. Martin and A. Moyes / [et al.] -- Drilling Performance Prediction Using General Regression Neural Networks / V. Karri -- Identifying Significant Parameters for Hall-Heroult Process Using General Regression Neural Network / F. Frost and V. Karri -- Mapping Object-Oriented Systems to Distributed Systems Using Data Mining Techniques / Miguel A. Serrano, Doris L. Carver and Carlos Montes de Oca -- Scaling the Data Mining Step in Knowledge Discovery Using Oceanographic Data / Bruce Wooley, Susan Bridges and Julia Hodges / [et al.] -- Information Management and Process Improvement Using Data Mining Techniques / W. M. Gibbons, M. Ranta and T. M. Scott / [et al.] -- A Comparative Analysis of Search Methods as Applied to Shearographic Fringe Modeling / Paul Clay, Alan Crispin and Sam Crossley -- Vision Guided Bin Picking and Mounting in a Flexible Assembly Cell / Martin Berger, Gernot Bachler and Stefan Scherer -- A Brokering Algorithm for Cost & QoS-Based Winner Determination in Combinatorial Auctions / Aneurin M. Easwaran and Jeremy Pitt -- An Overview of a Synergetic Combination of Local Search with Evolutionary Learning to Solve Optimization Problems / Rasiah Loganantharaj and Bushrod Thomas -- Maintenance of KBS's by Domain Experts: The Holy Grail in Practice / Arne Bultman, Joris Kuipers and Frank van Harmelen -- A Simulation-Based Procedure for Expert System Evaluation / Chunsheng Yang, Kuniji Kose and Sieu Phan / [et al.] -- Gas Circulator Design Advisory System: A Web Based Decision Support System for the Nuclear Industry / J. Menal, A. Moyes and S. McArthur / [et al.] -- Expert Systems and Mathematical Optimization Approaches on Physical Layout Optimization Problems / Julio C. G. Pimentel, Yosef Gavriel and Eber A. Schmitz -- Locating Bugs in Java Programs - First Results of the Java Diagnosis Experiments Project / Cristinel Mateis, Markus Stumptner and Franz Wotawa -- Application of a Real-Time Expert System for Fault Diagnosis / Chriss Angeli -- Operative Diagnosis Algorithms for Single-Fault in Graph-Based Systems / Mourad Elhadef, Bechir El Ayeb and Nageswara S. V. Rao -- On a Model-Based Diagnosis for Synchronous Boolean Network / Satoshi Hiratsuka and Akira Fusaoka -- DermatExpert: Dermatological Diagnosis Through the Internet / Hans W. Guesgen and Jeong Seon Koo -- Aerial Spray Deposition Management Using the Genetic Algorithm / W. D. Potter, W. Bi and D. Twardus / [et al.] -- Dynamic Data Mining / Vijay Raghavan and Alaaeldin Hafez -- Knowledge-Intensive Gathering and Integration of Statistical Information on European Fisheries / Mike Klinkert, Jan Treur and Tim Verwaart -- Using a Semantic Model and XML for Document Annotation / Bogdan D. Czejdo and Cezary Sobaniec -- Understanding Support of Group in Web Collaborative Learning, Based on Divergence Among Different Answering Processes / Tomoko Kojiri and Tyohide Watanabe -- Fuzzy Modeling Approach for Integrated Assessments Using Cultural Theory / Adnan Yazici, Frederick E. Petry and Curt Pendergraft -- Fuzzy Knowledge-Based System for Performing Conflation in Geographical Information Systems / Harold Foley and Frederick E. Petry -- Modeling of, and Reasoning with Recurrent Events with Imprecise Durations / Stanislav Kurkovsky and Rasiah Loganantharaj -- Linguistic Approximation and Semantic Adjustment in the Modeling Process / Eric Fimbel -- A Fuzzy Inference Algorithm for Lithology Analysis in Formation Evaluation / Hujun Li, Fansheng Li and Andrew H. Sung / [et al.] -- Approximating the 0-1 Multiple Knapsack Problem with Agent Decomposition and Market Negotiation / Brent A. Smolinski -- Design and Development of Autonomous Intelligence Smart Sensors / Ramesh Kolluru, Rasiah Loganantharaj and S. Smith / [et al.] -- ADDGEO: An Intelligent Agent to Assist Geologist Finding Petroleum in Offshore Lands / Ana C. Bicharra Garcia, Paula M. Maciel and Inhauma Neves Ferraz -- SOMulANT: Organizing Information Using Multiple Agents / Tim Hendtlass -- Inventiveness as Belief Revision and a Heuristic Rule of Inventive Design / Y. B. Karasik -- A Decision Support Tool for the Conceptual Design of De-oiling Systems / Badria Al-Shihi, Paul W. H. Chung and Richard G. Holdich -- ProCon: Decision Support for Resource Management in a Global Production Network / Florian Golm and Alexander V. Smirnov -- Intelligent Infrastructure that Support System's Changes / Jovan Cakic -- Using Description Logics for Case-Based Reasoning in Hybrid Diagnosis / Yacine Zeghib, Francois De Beuvron and Martina Kullmann -- Printer Troubleshooting Using Bayesian Networks / Claus Skaanning, Finn V. Jensen and Uffe Kjaerulff -- Using XML and Other Techniques to Enhance Supportability of Diagnostic Expert Systems / G. Forsyth and John Delaney -- Learning and Diagnosis in Manufacturing Processes Through an Executable Bayesian Network / M. A. Rodrigues, Y. Lui and L. Bottaci / [et al.] -- Solving Large Configuration Problems Efficiently by Clustering the ConBaCon Model / Ulrich John -- XProM: A Collaborative Knowledge-Based Project Management Tool / Rattikorn Hewett and John Coffey -- Building Logistics Networks Using Model-Based Reasoning Techniques / Robbie Nakatsu and Izak Benbasat -- A Supporting System for Colored Knitting Design / Daisuke Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki and Koji Yamada / [et al.] -- Learning Middle Game Patterns in Chess: A Case Study / Miroslav Kubat and Jan Zizka -- Meta-classifiers and Selective Superiority / Ryan Benton, Miroslav Kubat and Rasaiah Loganantharaj -- The Formal Specification and Implementation of a Modest First Order Temporal Logic / Sharad Sachdev and Andre Trudel -- Determining Effective Military Decisive Points through Knowledge-Rich Case-Based Reasoning / David E. Moriarty -- A Constraint-Based Approach to Simulate Faults in Telecommunication Networks / Aomar Osmani and Francois Levy -- A Least Common Subsumer Operation for an Expressive Description Logic / Thomas Mantay -- Blob Analysis Using Watershed Transformation / Yi Cui and Nan Zhou -- A Novel Fusion of Holistic and Analytical Paradigms for the Recognition of Handwritten Address Fields / Chin Keong Lee and Graham Leedham -- PAWIAN - A Parallel Image Recognition System / Oliver Hempel, Ulrich Buker and George Hartmann -- An Automatic Configuration System for Handwriting Recognition Problems / Cara O'Boyle, Barry Smyth and Franz Geiselbrechtinger -- Detection of Circular Object with a High Speed Algorithm / Adel A. Sewisy -- Neural Network Based Compensation of Micromachined Accelerometers for Static and Low Frequency Applications / Elena Gaura, Nigel Steele and Richard J. Rider -- Improving Peanut Maturity Prediction Using a Hybrid Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Inference System / H. L. Silvio, R. W. McClendon and E. W. Tollner -- CIM-The Hybrid Symbolic/Connectionist Rule-Based Inference System / Pattarachai Lalitrojwong -- A Neural Network Document Classifier with Linguistic Feature Selection / Hahn-Ming Lee, Chih-Ming Chen and Cheng-Wei Hwang -- Color Pattern Recognition on the Random Neural Network Model / Jose Aguilar and Valentina Rossell --
Integrating Neural Network and Symbolic Inference for Predictions in Food Extrusion Process / Ming Zhou and James Paik -- Automatic Priority Assignment to E-mail Messages Based on Information Extraction and User's Action History / Takaaki Hasegawa and Hisashi Ohara -- Information Extraction for Validation of Software Documentation / Patti Lutsky -- Object Orientation in Natural Language Processing / Mostafa M. Aref -- A Study of Order Based Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms in Combinatorial Optimization Problems / Miguel Rocha, Carla Vilela and Jose Neves -- Nuclear Power Plant Preventive Maintenance Planting Using Genetic Algorithms / Vili Podgorelec, Peter Kokol and Andrej Kunej -- Progress Report: Improving the Stock Price Forecasting Performance of the Bull Flag Heuristic With Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks / William Leigh, Edwin Odisho and Noemi Paz / [et al.] -- Advanced Reservoir Simulation Using Soft Computing / G. Janoski, F.-S. Li and M. Pietrzyk / [et al.] -- Forest Ecosystem Management via the NED Intelligent Information System / W. D. Potter, X. Deng and S. Somasekar / [et al.] -- Friendly Information Retrieval through Adaptive Restructuring of Information Space / Tomoko Murakami, Ryohei Orihara and Takehiko Yokota -- A Smart Pointer Technique for Distributed Spatial Databases / Orlando Karam, Frederick Petry and Kevin Shaw -- Deploying the Mobile-Agent Technology in Warehouse Management / Mei-Ling L. Liu, Tao Yang and Sema Alptekin / [et al.] -- A Lightweight Capability Communication Mechanism / David S. Robertson, Jaume Agusti and Flario S. Correa da Silva / [et al.] -- Model-Based Control for Industrial Processes Using a Virtual Laboratory / Rung T. Bui, J. Perron and C. Fillion -- Autonomous Agents for Distributed Problem Solving in Condition Monitoring / E. E. Mangina, S. D. J. McArthur and J. R. McDonald -- Modeling Issues for Rubber-Sheeting Process in an Object Oriented, Distributed and Parallel Environment / Frederick E. Petry and Maria J. Somodevilla -- Reasoning and Belief Revision in an Agent for Emergent Process Management / John Debenham -- System Design and Control Framework for an Autonomous Mobile Robot Application on Predefined Ferromagnetic Surfaces / Mahmut Fettahlioglu and Aydin Ersak -- Intelligent and Self-Adaptive Interface / Hadhoum Boukachour, Claude Duvallet and Alain Cardon -- Agent Architecture: Using Java Exceptions in a Nonstandard Way and an Object Oriented Approach to Evolution of Intelligence / Cengiz Gunay -- Neural Network Based Machinability Evaluation / Chris Nikolopoulos, Iqbal Shareef and Donald Kalmes -- Performance of MGMDH Network on Structural Piecewise System Identification / Ali K. Setoodehnia and Hong Li -- Black-Box Identification of the Electromagnetic Torque of Induction Motors: Polynomial and Neural Models / Lucia Frosini and Giovanni Petrecca.
Collana: Lecture notes in computer science ; 1821. Lecture notes in artificial intelligence
Varianti del titolo: IEA/AIE 2000
Varianti del titolo: IEA/AIE 2000
ISBN: 3540676899 (softcover : alk. paper)
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