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Emerging intelligent computing technology and applications : 8th International Conference, ICIC 2012, Huangshan, China, July 25-29, 2012. Proceedings / De-Shuang Huang [and others] (eds.).

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Creatore: International Conference on Intelligent Computing (8th : 2012 : Huangshan Shi, China)
Titolo: Emerging intelligent computing technology and applications : 8th International Conference, ICIC 2012, Huangshan, China, July 25-29, 2012. Proceedings / De-Shuang Huang [and others] (eds.).
Link to work: Emerging Intelligent Computing Technology and Applications Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012
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Titolo uniforme di collana: Communications in computer and information science ; 304.
Genere/Forma: Electronic books
Conference papers and proceedings
Index term-Uncontrolled: Computer Communication Networks
Computer software
Artificial intelligence
Optical pattern recognition
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity
Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)
Computation by Abstract Devices
Pattern Recognition
Soggetto non controllato: Computer Communication Networks
Computer software
Artificial intelligence
Optical pattern recognition
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity
Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)
Computation by Abstract Devices
Pattern Recognition
Termine d'indicizzazione-Occupazione: Computer Communication Networks
Computer software
Artificial intelligence
Optical pattern recognition
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity
Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)
Computation by Abstract Devices
Pattern Recognition
Classificazione: 54.72
Classificazione LOC: Q334 .I58 2012
Creatori/Collaboratori: Huang, De-Shuang
Contenuto supplementare: Includes bibliographical references and author index.
Nota di contenuto: Part 1. Neural Networks -- Oscillation Analysis for a Recurrent Neural Network Model with Distributed Delays / Chunhua Feng and Zhenkun Huang -- Minimum Risk Neural Networks and Weight Decay Technique / I-Cheng Yeh, Pei-Yen Tseng, Kuan-Chieh Huang and Yau-Hwang Kuo -- Time Series Forecasting Using Restricted Boltzmann Machine / Takashi Kuremoto, Shinsuke Kimura, Kunikazu Kobayashi and Masanao Obayashi -- Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms with Decision-Maker's Preferences for Solving Interval Multi-objective Optimization Problems / Dunwei Gong, Xinfang Ji, Jing Sun and Xiaoyan Sun.
Part 2. Particle Swarm Optimization and Niche Technology / Precipitation Control for Mixed Solution Based on Fuzzy Adaptive Robust Algorithm -- Hongjun Duan, Fengwen Wang and Silong Peng -- B-Spline Neural Networks Based PID Controller for Hammerstein Systems / Xia Hong, Serdar Iplikci, Sheng Chen and Kevin Warwick -- Constrained Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm / Yue-lin Gao and Min Qu -- A Particle Swarm Optimization Using Local Stochastic Search for Continuous Optimization / Jianli Ding, Jin Liu, Yun Wang, Wensheng Zhang and Wenyong Dong.
Part 3. Kernel Methods and Supporting Vector Machines -- Component Random Walk / Xiaohua Xu, Ping He, Lin Lu, Zhoujin Pan and Ling Chen -- Regularized Complete Linear Discriminant Analysis for Small Sample Size Problems / Wuyi Yang -- Unsupervised Feature Selection for Multi-cluster Data via Smooth Distributed Score / Furui Liu and Xiyan Liu -- Reinforcement Learning Based on Extreme Learning Machine / Jie Pan, Xuesong Wang, Yuhu Cheng and Ge Cao -- A Novel Multiple Kernel Clustering Method / Lujiang Zhang and Xiaohui Hu.
Part 4. Biology Inspired Computing and Optimization -- A Comparative Study of Two Independent Component Analysis Using Reference Signal Methods / Jian-Xun Mi and Yanxin Yang -- A Novel Hybrid ACO/SA Approach to Solve Stochastic Dynamic Facility Layout Problem (SDFLP) / T.S. Lee, Ghorbanali Moslemipour, T.O. Ting and Dirk Rilling -- ACO with Fuzzy Pheromone Laying Mechanism / Liu Yu, Jian-Feng Yan, Guang-Rong Yan and Lei Yi -- Locating Tandem Repeats in Weighted Biological Sequences / Hui Zhang, Qing Guo and Costas S. Iliopoulos -- Analysis of Flow Field in the Cylinder of Gasoline Engine before and after Being Turbocharged / Hongjuan Ren, Yongxiang Tian, Qihua Ma and Jiao Luo.
Part 5. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining -- Spectrum Sensing Algorithms in the Cognitive Radio Network / Yanbin Shi, Jian Guo and Yuanfang Jian -- Research on Information Fusion Method Based on sFlow and Netflow in Network Security Situation / Yanbo Wang, Huiqiang Wang, Chengqin Han, Baoyu Ge and Ming Yu -- Discrete Exponential Bayesian Networks Structure Learning for Density Estimation / Aida Jarraya, Philippe Leray and Afif Masmoudi -- A New Adaptive Signal Segmentation Approach Based on Hiaguchi's Fractal Dimension / Hamed Azami, Alireza Khosravi, Milad Malekzadeh and Saeid Sanei.
Part 6. Intelligent Computing in Bioinformatics -- Predicting Binding-Peptide of HLA-I on Unknown Alleles by Integrating Sequence Information and Energies of Contact Residues / Fei Luo, Yangyang Gao, Yongqiong Zhu and Juan Liu -- As3p: A Fast Algorithm to Search Structurally Similar Proteins / Satish Rohit, Ravichandran Akshaya, Radhakrishnan Sabarinathan, Marthandan Kirti Vaishnavi and Durairaj Sherlin, et al. -- Identifying Characteristic Genes Based on Robust Principal Component Analysis / Chun-Hou Zheng, Jin-Xing Liu, Jian-Xun Mi and Yong Xu -- Protein Classification Using Random Walk on Graph / Xiaohua Xu, Lin Lu, Ping He, Zhoujin Pan and Cheng Jing -- Protein Molecular Function Prediction Based on the Phylogenetic Tree / Lu Jian -- Efficient Mode of Action Identification by Support Vector Machine Regression / Vitoantonio Bevilacqua and Paolo Pannarale.
Part 7. Intelligent Computing in Pattern Recognition -- A New De-noising Method for Infrared Spectrum / Qingwei Gao, De Zhu, Yixiang Lu and Dong Sun -- A Novel Segmentation Algorithm of Fingerprint Images Based on Mean Shift / Zhe Xue, Tong Zhao, Min Wu and Tiande Guo -- A New Hybrid Method with Biomimetic Pattern Recognition and Sparse Representation for EEG Classification / Yanbin Ge and Yan Wu -- Recognizing Complex Events in Real Movies by Audio Features / Ji-Xiang Du, Yi-Lan Guo and Chuan-Min Zhai -- Finger-Knuckle-Print Recognition Using Local Orientation Feature Based on Steerable Filter / Zichao Li, Kuanquan Wang and Wangmeng Zuo -- Nose Localization Based on Subclass Discriminant Analysis / Jiatao Song, Lihua Jia, Gang Xie and Wei Wang.
Part 8. Intelligent Computing in Image Processing / Research on the Interactive Display System Based on Multi-touch Technology / Chang-Qing Yin, Bin Chen and Ze-Liang Zhang -- Very Large-Scale Image Retrieval Based on Local Features / Chang-Qing Yin, Wei Mao and Wei Jiang -- A Continuous Skeletonization Method Based on Distance Transform / Ting-Qin Yan and Chang-Xiong Zhou -- Key-Based Scrambling for Secure Image Communication / Prashan Premaratne and Malin Premaratne -- Infrared Face Temperature Normalization in Fourier Domain / Zhihua Xie and Jie Zeng -- Faster Computation of Non-zero Invariants from Graph Based Method / Vazeerudeen Abdul Hameed and Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin -- MutualCascade Method for Pedestrian Detection / Yanwen Chong, Qingquan Li, Hulin Kuang and Chun-Hou Zheng -- Super-Resolution Restoration of MMW Image Using Sparse Representation Based on Couple Dictionaries / Li Shang, Yan Zhou, Liu Tao and Zhan-li Sun -- New Structural Similarity Measure for Image Comparison / Prashan Premaratne and Malin Premaratne.
Part 9. Intelligent Computing in Computer Vision -- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Aided Wireless Sensor Network Deployment System for Post-disaster Monitoring / Gurkan Tuna, Tarik Veli Mumcu, Kayhan Gulez, Vehbi Cagri Gungor and Hayrettin Erturk -- Geometrically Bounded Singularities and Joint Limits Prevention of a Three Dimensional Planar Redundant Manipulator Using Artificial Neural Networks / Samer Yahya, Mahmoud Moghavvemi and Haider Abbas F. Almurib -- Float Cascade Method for Pedestrian Detection / Yanwen Chong, Qingquan Li, Hulin Kuang and Chun-Hou Zheng -- Particle Filter Based on Multiple Cues Fusion for Pedestrian Tracking / Yanwen Chong, Rong Chen, Qingquan Li and Chun-Hou Zheng.
Part 10. Intelligent Control and Automation -- Research on Information Dissemination in Urban Rail Transit Line Network / Quan-Ye Han, Xiao-Ming Wang and Jian-Wu Dang -- Approximation to Linear Algebraic Transition System / Zhiwei Zhang, Jin-Zhao Wu and Hao Yang -- Research on Mission Planning of Space-Based Observation Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm / Bo-quan Li, Xu-zhi Li, Hong-fei Wang and Juan Meng -- Study of Electron Beam Welding Residual Stresses for Aluminum 99.60 / Guifang Guo, Shiqiong Zhou, Li Hao, Zeguo Liu and Wang Liang -- Dam Management with Imperfect Models: Bayesian Model Averaging with and Neural Network Control / Paul J. Darwen.
Part 11. Knowledge Representation/Reasoning and Expert Systems -- Research on Virus Detection Technology Based on Ensemble Neural Network and SVM / Boyun Zhang, Jianping Yin and Shulin Wang -- Enhancing Forecasting Performance of Multivariate Time Series Using New Hybrid Feature Selection / Roselina Sallehuddin, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin and Noorfa Haszlinna Mustafa -- Porting Contiki Operating System to RIEST2430 / Juan Wang, Wei Ma and Dan Liu -- A New Approach for Bayesian Classifier Learning Structure via K2 Algorithm / Heni Bouhamed, Afif Masmoudi, Thierry Lecroq and Ahmed Rebaï -- The Architecture of Internet Software Environment for Creating Teachware with Virtual Reality / Valeria Viktorovna Gribova and Leonid Aleksandrovich Fedorischev.
Part 12. Special Session on Advances in Information Security 2012 -- An Efficient Image Database Encryption Algorithm / Kamlesh Tiwari, Ehtesham Akhtar Siddiqui and Phalguni Gupta -- Iris Segmentation Using Improved Hough Transform / Amit Bendale, Aditya Nigam, Surya Prakash and Phalguni Gupta -- Enhanced Steganographic Capacity Using Morphing Technique / Saiful Islam, Ekram Khan and Phalguni Gupta -- Minutiae Based Geometric Hashing for Fingerprint Database / J. Umarani, J. Viswanathan, Aman K. Gupta and Phalguni Gupta.
Part 13. Special Session on Protein and Gene Bioinformatics: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications -- A Tracking Controller Using RBFNs for Closed-Chain Robotic Manipulators / Tien Dung Le, Hee-Jun Kang and Young-Soo Suh -- Enhancing 3D Scene Models Based on Automatic Context Analysis and Optimization Algorithm / My-Ha Le, Andrey Vavilin and Kang-Hyun Jo -- Inference of Target Gene Regulation via miRNAs during Cell Senescence by Using the MiRaGE Server / Y.-h. Taguchi -- Sequence Analysis and Discrimination of Amyloid and Non-amyloid Peptides / M. Michael Gromiha, A. Mary Thangakani, Sandeep Kumar and D. Velmurugan -- Fast DNA Sequence Clustering Based on Longest Common Subsequence / Youhei Namiki, Takashi Ishida and Yutaka Akiyama.
Part 14. Special Session on Soft Computing and Bio-inspired Techiques in Real-World Applications -- A Diversity-Guided Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization / Fei Han and Qing Liu -- A Voting Procedure Supported by a Neural Validity Classifier for Optic Disk Detection / Leonarda Carnimeo, Anna Cinzia Benedetto and Giuseppe Mastronardi -- Using Artificial Neural Networks for Closed Loop Control of a Hydraulic Prosthesis for a Human Elbow / Vitoantonio Bevilacqua, Mariagrazia Dotoli, Mario Massimo Foglia, Francesco Acciani and Giacomo Tattoli, et al.
Part 15. Special Session on Bio-inspired Computing and Applications -- Real Coded Feature Selection Integrated with Self-adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm / Zhigang Shang, Zhihui Li and Jing Liang -- Optimization Based on Bacterial Colony Foraging / Wei Liu, Yunlong Zhu, Ben Niu and Hanning Chen -- Differential Evolution Based on Fitness Euclidean-Distance Ratio for Multimodal Optimization / Jing Liang, Boyang Qu, Xiaobo Mao and Tiejun Chen -- Bacterial Colony Optimization: Principles and Foundations / Ben Niu and Hong Wang.
Sommario/riassunto: This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2012, held in Huangshan, China, in July 2012. The 242 revised full papers presented in the three volumes LNCS 7389, LNAI 7390, and CCIS 304 were carefully reviewed and selected from 753 submissions. The papers in this volume (CCIS 304) are organized in topical sections on Neural Networks; Particle Swarm Optimization and Niche Technology; Kernel Methods and Supporting Vector Machines; Biology Inspired Computing and Optimization; Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining; Intelligent Computing in Bioinformatics; Intelligent Computing in Pattern Recognition; Intelligent Computing in Image Processing; Intelligent Computing in Computer Vision; Intelligent Control and Automation; Knowledge Representation/Reasoning and Expert Systems; Advances in Information Security; Protein and Gene Bioinformatics; Soft Computing and Bio-Inspired Techiques in Real-World Applications; Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications.
Collana: Communications in computer and information science, 1865-0929 ; 304
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