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Facebook nation : total information awareness / Newton Lee.

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Creatore: Lee, Newton Visualizza persona
Titolo: Facebook nation : total information awareness / Newton Lee.
Link to work: Facebook nation Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: New York, N.Y. : Springer, 2013
Estensione: xiii, 235 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Tipo formato: unmediated
Tipo contenuto: text
Tipo supporto: volume
Disciplina: 006.7/54
Soggetto-Ente: Facebook (Firm)
Soggetto-Titolo autorizzato: Facebook (Electronic resource)
Classificazione LOC: QA76.575 .L44 2013
Contenuto supplementare: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Nota di contenuto: Part I. Prologue: 1.From 1984 to Total Information Awareness: 1.1.President Ronald Reagan in 1984 ; 1.2.Total Information Awareness ; References -- pt. II. Privacy in the Age of Big Data: 2.Social Networks and Privacy: 2.1.Zero Privacy ; 2.2.The Pervasiveness of Facebook ; 2.3.Facebook and Personal Privacy ; 2.4.Facebook, Children, and COPPA ; 2.5.Facebook and Peer Pressure ; 2.6.Reality TV and Social Media ; 2.7.YouTube and Facebook Videos ; 2.8.Netflix and Social Apps on Facebook ; 2.9.Facebook Timeline ; 2.10.Ambient Social Apps ; 2.11.Stalking Apps and Facebook for Sex ; 2.12.Facial Recognition Apps ; 2.13.Facial Recognition on Facebook, Google+, and iPhone ; 2.14.Virtual Passports : From Privacy to Data Use ; 2.15.Social Search: Google, Plus Your World and Microsoft's Bing ; 2.16.Connected Cars : In-vehicle Social Networks ; References ; 3. Smartphones and Privacy: 3.1.Smartphones ; 3.2.Location Tracking on iPhone and iPad ; 3.3.Carrier IQ ; 3.4.Smartphone Data Collection Transparency ; 3.5.Always On ; 3.6.Mobile Apps Privacy Invasion ; 3.7.Mobile Apps for Children ; 3.8.Android Market ; 3.9.Apple Store ; 3.10.Facebook App Center ; References ; 4.Consumer Privacy in the Age of Big Data ; 4.1.Oil of the Digital Age-Personal Information for Sale ; 4.2.Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights ; 4.3.California's Online Privacy Protection Act ; 4.4.European Union's Right to be Forgotten Law ; 4.5.A Response to Zero Privacy ; References -- pt. III. The Rise of Facebook Nation: 5.Twitter: A World of Immediacy ; 5.1.The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword ; 5.2.Citizen Journalists ; 5.3.A World of Immediacy ; 5.4.Prevalence of Twitter ; 5.5.Advertisements on Twitter ; 5.6.Creative Uses of Twitter ; References -- 6.Generation C in the Age of Big Data: 6.1.Digital Omnivores and Generation C ; 6.2.Big Data Research and Development Initiative ; 6.3.Big Data in Public Health and Economics ; 6.4.Big Data in Facebook and Google ; References -- 7.Privacy Breaches: 7.1.Google Street View ; 7.2.Google Easter Eggs in Disguise ; 7.3.Apple Software Bugs ; 7.4.Carrier IQ and Other Privacy Blunders ; References -- 8.Business Intelligence: 8.1.Intelligent Digital Billboards ; 8.2.Tumblr and Gmail : Yes to Advertisements ; 8.3.Social Ads on Facebook ; 8.4.Sponsored Stories and Facebook Exchange ; 8.5.Mobile Market and Instagram ; 8.6.Location-Based Mobile Advertisements ; 8.7.Disney and Other Businesses on Facebook ; References -- 9.Misinformation and Disinformation: 9.1.The War of the Worlds ; 9.2.Misinformation and Disinformation on Twitter and Facebook ; 9.3.Serious Consequences of Misinformation and Disinformation ; 9.4.Trustworthiness of Wikipedia ; 9.5.Google Search Sabotage ; 9.6.Advertising Misinformation and Disinformation ; 9.7.Fake Information on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube ; 9.8.Facebook Account Verification ; 9.9.Twitter Verified Accounts ; 9.10.Abuse of Power ; References -- 10.E-Government and E-Activism: 10.1.President Barack Obama and Web 2.0 ; 10.2.Gov 2.0 Apps ; 10.3.The Kony 2012 Phenomenon ; 10.4.Reactions to Kony 2012 ; 10.5.SOPA/PIPA Blackout Day ; 10.6.Reactions to SOPA/PIPA Blackout ; 10.7.Battles over Internet Legislations: OPEN, ACTA, CISPA ; 10.8.Internet Activism ; 10.9.Transnational (Arab-Israeli) Facebook Nation ; 10.10.Internet Censorship in Western Democracies and China ; 10.11.Arab Spring Uprisings and Egypt Shutting Down the Internet ; 10.12.The Rise of Facebook Nation ; 10.13.Electoral College and Social Network Constitution ; References -- pt. IV. Total Information Awareness in Facebook Nation: 11.Living in Facebook Nation: 11.1.Digital Personalities and Identities ; 11.2.Intertwining Lives, Online and Offline ; 11.3.Digital Footprint and Exhaust Data ; 11.4.Facebook Knows Who, When, Where ; 11.5.Online Births in Facebook Nation ; References -- 12.Personal Information Management: 12.1.Identity Theft Prevention ; 12.2.Privacy Protection ; 12.3.Privacy on Facebook ; 12.4.Privacy on Google ; 12.5.Data Vault : Data is the New Oil ; 12.6.Personal Analytics and Social Networks ; References -- 13.Total Information Awareness: 13.1.Humanity's Dashboard ; 13.2.Ambient Awareness and Suicide Prevention ; 13.3.Parental Awareness and (Cyber) Bullying ; 13.4.Student Awareness and School Safety ; 13.5.Crime Awareness and Video Surveillance ; 13.6.Community Awareness and Neighborhood Watch ; 13.7.Location Awareness and Traffic Safety ; 13.8.Location Awareness and Personal Safety ; 13.9.Information Awareness and Law Enforcement ; 13.10.Self-Awareness and Online Dating ; 13.11.Pandora's Box of Total Information Awareness ; References -- pt. V. Epilogue: 14.From Total Information Awareness to 1984: 14.1.Brave New World of Total Information Awareness ; 14.2.George Orwell's 1984 ; 14.3.Aldous Huxley's Brave New World ; 14.4.Point of No Return ; 14.5.Facebook Questions ; References.
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