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Intelligent interactive multimedia: Systems and services : proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (IIMSS 2012) / Toyohide Watanabe [and others] (eds.).

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Creatore: International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (5th : 2012 : Gifu-shi, Japan)
Titolo: Intelligent interactive multimedia: Systems and services : proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (IIMSS 2012) / Toyohide Watanabe [and others] (eds.).
Link to work: Intelligent interactive multimedia Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012
Estensione: 1 online resource (xii, 631 pages) : illustrations (some color).
Tipo formato: computer
Tipo contenuto: text
Tipo supporto: online resource
Disciplina: 006.7
Titolo uniforme di collana: Smart innovation, systems, and technologies 14.
Index term-Uncontrolled: Engineering
Multimedia systems
Artificial intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Multimedia Information Systems
Soggetto non controllato: Engineering
Multimedia systems
Artificial intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Multimedia Information Systems
Termine d'indicizzazione-Occupazione: Engineering
Multimedia systems
Artificial intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Multimedia Information Systems
Classificazione: 54.89
Classificazione LOC: QA76.575 .I58 2012
Creatori/Collaboratori: Watanabe, Toyohide
Contenuto supplementare: Includes bibliographical references and author index.
Nota di contenuto: A Decision Making for a Robot Based on Simple Interaction with Human / Hiroyuki Masuta, Yasuto Tamura and Hun-ok Lim -- A Fusion of Multiple Focuses on a Focus+Glue+Context Map / Hiroya Mizutani, Daisuke Yamamoto and Naohisa Takahashi -- A Map Matching Algorithm for Sharing Map Information among Refugees in Disaster Areas / Koichi Asakura, Masayoshi Takeuchi and Toyohide Watanabe -- A Method for Supporting Presentation Planning Based on Presentation Strategies / Koichi Hanaue and Toyohide Watanabe -- A Study on Privacy Preserving Collaborative Filtering with Data Anonymization by Clustering / Katsuhiro Honda, Yui Matsumoto, Arina Kawano, Akira Notsu and Hidetomo Ichihashi -- A Traffic Flow Prediction Approach Based on Aggregated Information of Spatio-temporal Data Streams / Jun Feng, Zhonghua Zhu and Rongwei Xu -- A Way for Color Image Enhancement under Complex Luminance Conditions / Margarita Favorskaya and Andrey Pakhirka -- Animated Pronunciation Generated from Speech for Pronunciation Training / Yurie Iribe, Silasak Manosavan, Kouichi Katsurada and Tsuneo Nitta -- Building a Domain Ontology to Design a Decision Support Software to Plan Fight Actions against Marine Pollutions / Jean-Marc Mercantini and Colette Faucher -- Can Pictures Be a Candidate for Knowledge Media? / Fuminori Akiba -- Capturing Student Real Time Facial Expression for More Realistic E-learning Environment / Asanka D. Dharmawansa, Katsuko T. Nakahira and Yoshimi Fukumura.
Character Giving Model of KANSEI Robot Based on the Tendency of User's Treatment for Personalization / Hiroki Ogasawara and Shohei Kato -- Checklist System Based on a Web for Qualities of Distance Learning and the Operation / Nobuyuki Ogawa, Hideyuki Kanematsu, Yoshimi Fukumura and Yasutaka Shimizu -- Comparison Analysis for Text Data by Integrating Two FACT-Graphs / Ryosuke Saga and Hiroshi Tsuji -- Construction of a Local Attraction Map According to Social Visual Attention / Ichiro Ide, Jiani Wang, Masafumi Noda, Tomokazu Takahashi and Daisuke Deguchi, et al. -- Construction of Content Recording and Delivery System for Intercollegiate Distance Lecture in a University Consortium / Takeshi Morishita, Kizuku Chino and Masaaki Niimura -- Data Embedding and Extraction Method for Printed Images by Log Polar Mapping / Kimitoshi Tamaki, Mitsuji Muneyasu and Yoshiko Hanada -- Design and Implementation of Computer Assisted Training System for Nursing Process Learning / Seiichiro Takami, Toshinobu Kawai, Takako Takeuchi, Yukiko Fukuda and Satoko Kamiya, et al. -- Designing Agents That Recognise and Respond to Players' Emotions / Weiqin Chen -- Development of Agent-Based Model for Simulation on Residential Mobility Affected by Downtown Regeneration Policy / Zhenjiang Shen, Yan Ma, Mitsuhiko Kawakami and Tatsuya Nishino -- Development of the Online Self-Placement Test Engine That Interactively Selects Texts for an Extensive Reading Test / Kosuke Adachi, Mark Brierley and Masaaki Niimura.
DOSR: A Method of Domain-Oriented Semantic Retrieval in XML Data / Jun Feng, Zhixian Tang and Ruchun Huang -- Encoding Travel Traces by Using Road Networks and Routing Algorithms / Pablo Martinez Lerin, Daisuke Yamamoto and Naohisa Takahashi -- Estimation of Dialogue Moods Using the Utterance Intervals Features / Kaoru Toyoda, Yoshihiro Miyakoshi, Ryosuke Yamanishi and Shohei Kato -- Extraction of Vocational Aptitude from Operation Logs in Virtual Space / Kyohei Nishide, Tateaki Komaki, Fumiko Harada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa -- Framework of a System for Extracting Mathematical Concepts from Content MathML-Based Mathematical Expressions / Takayuki Watabe and Yoshinori Miyazaki -- Fundamental Functions of Dynamic Teaching Materials System / George Moroni Teixeira Batista, Mayu Urata and Takami Yasuda -- Generation Method of Multiple-Choice Cloze Exercises in Computer-Support for English-Grammar Learning / Ayse Saliha Sunar, Dai Inagi, Yuki Hayashi and Toyohide Watanabe -- Genetic Ensemble Biased ARTMAP Method of ECG-Based Emotion Classification / Chu Kiong Loo, Wei Shiung Liew and M. Shohel Sayeed -- Honey Bee Optimization Based on Mimicry of Threshold Regulation in Honey Bee Foraging / Maki Furukawa and Yasuhiro Suzuki -- IEC-Based 3D Model Retrieval System / Seiji Okajima and Yoshihiro Okada.
Incremental Representation and Management of Recursive Types in Graph-Based Data Model for Content Representation of Multimedia Data / Teruhisa Hochin, Yuki Ohira and Hiroki Nomiya -- Intelligent Collage System / Margarita Favorskaya, Elena Yaroslavtzeva and Konstantin Levtin -- Intuitive Humanoid Robot Operating System Based on Recognition and Variation of Human Body Motion / Yuya Hirose and Shohei Kato -- Knowledge-Based System for Automatic 3D Building Generation from Building Footprint / Kenichi Sugihara, Xinxin Zhou and Takahiro Murase -- Locomotion Design of Artificial Creatures in Edutainment / Kyohei Toyoda, Takamichi Yuasa, Toshio Nakamura, Kentaro Onishi and Shunshuke Ozawa, et al. -- Multistep Search Algorithm for Sum k-Nearest Neighbor Queries on Remote Spatial Databases / Hideki Sato and Ryoichi Narita -- (Not)Myspace: Social Interaction as Detriment to Cognitive Processing and Aesthetic Experience in the Museum of Art / Matthew Pelowski -- Nuclear Energy Safety Project in Metaverse / Hideyuki Kanematsu, Toshiro Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Ogawa, Yoshimi Fukumura and Dana M. Barry, et al. -- Online Collaboration Support Tools for Blended Project-Based Learning on Embedded Software Development / -- Final Report -- / Takashi Yukawa, Tomonori Iwazaki, Keisuke Ishida, Yuji Nishigaki and Yoshimi Fukumura, et al.
Online News Browsing over Interrelated Target Events / Yusuke Koyanagi and Toyohide Watanabe -- Path Planning in Probabilistic Environment by Bacterial Memetic Algorithm / János Botzheim, Yuichiro Toda and Naoyuki Kubota -- Personalization of News Speech Delivery Service Based on Transformation from Written Language to Spoken Language / Shigeki Matsubara and Yukiko Hayashi -- Personalized Text Formatting for E-mail Messages / Masaki Murata, Tomohiro Ohno and Shigeki Matsubara -- Presentation Story Estimation from Slides for Detecting Inappropriate Slide Structure / Tomoko Kojiri and Fumihiro Yamazoe -- Problem Based Learning for US and Japan Students in a Virtual Environment / Dana M. Barry, Hideyuki Kanematsu, Yoshimi Fukumura, Toshiro Kobayashi and Nobuyuki Ogawa, et al. -- Proposal of a Numerical Calculation Exercise System for SPI2 Test Based on Academic Ability Diagnosis / Shin'ichi Tsumori and Kazunori Nishino -- Proposal of an Automatic Composition Method of Piano Works for Novices Based on an Analysis of Study Items in Early Stages of Piano Education / Mio Iwaki, Hisayoshi Kunimune and Masaaki Niimura -- Proposal of MMI-API and Library for JavaScript / Kouichi Katsurada, Taiki Kikuchi, Yurie Iribe and Tsuneo Nitta -- Proposal of Teaching Material of Information Morals Education Based on Goal-Based Scenario Theory for Japanese High School Students / Kyoko Umeda, Ayako Shimoyama, Hironari Nozaki and Tetsuro Ejima.
Prototypical Design of Learner Support Materials Based on the Analysis of Non-verbal Elements in Presentation / Kiyota Hashimoto and Kazuhiro Takeuchi -- Reflection Support for Constructing Meta-cognitive Skills by Focusing on Isomorphism between Internal Self-dialogue and Discussion Tasks / Risa Kurata, Kazuhisa Seta and Mitsuru Ikeda -- Skeleton Generation for Presentation Slides Based on Expression Styles / Yuanyuan Wang and Kazutoshi Sumiya -- Stochastic Applications for e-Learning System / Syouji Nakamura, Keiko Nakayama and Toshio Nakagawa -- Supporting Continued Communication with Social Networking Service in e-Learning / Kai Li and Yurie Iribe -- Tactile Score, a Knowledge Media of Tactile Sense for Creativity / Yasuhiro Suzuki, Junji Watanabe and Rieko Suzuki -- Taxi Demand Forecasting Based on Taxi Probe Data by Neural Network / Naoto Mukai and Naoto Yoden -- The Design of an Automatic Lecture Archiving System Offering Video Based on Teacher's Demands / Shin'nosuke Yamaguchi, Yoshimasa Ohnishi and Kazunori Nishino -- The Difference and Limitation of Cognition for Piano Playing Skill with Difference Educational Design / Katsuko T. Nakahira, Miki Akahane and Yukiko Fukami -- Topic Bridging by Identifying the Dynamics of the Spreading Topic Model / Makoto Sato, Mina Akaishi and Koichi Hori.
Sommario/riassunto: This volume contains the Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (KES-IIMSS-12). The Conference was jointly organised by Nagoya University in Japan and the KES International organisation, and held in the attractive city of Gifu. The KES-IIMSS conference series, (series chairs Prof. Maria Virvou and Prof. George Tsihrintzis), presents novel research in various areas of intelligent multimedia system relevant to the development of a new generation of interactive, user-centric devices and systems. The aim of the conference is to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research in the technologies and applications of this new and dynamic research area.
Collana: Smart innovation, systems and technologies, 2190-3018 ; 14
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