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Advances in computer science, engineering & applications : proceedings of the second International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering & Applications (ICCSEA 2012), May 25-27, 2012, New Delhi, India. Volume 2 / David C. Wyld, Jan Zizka, and Dhinaharan Nagamalai (eds.).

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Creatore: ICCSEA 2012 (2012 : New Delhi, India)
Titolo: Advances in computer science, engineering & applications : proceedings of the second International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering & Applications (ICCSEA 2012), May 25-27, 2012, New Delhi, India. Volume 2 / David C. Wyld, Jan Zizka, and Dhinaharan Nagamalai (eds.).
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Pubblicazione: Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012
Estensione: 1 online resource (xxiii, 1098 pages).
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Tipo contenuto: text
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Disciplina: 004
Titolo uniforme di collana: Advances in intelligent and soft computing ; 167.
Index term-Uncontrolled: Engineering
Software engineering
Data mining
Computational Intelligence
Communications Engineering, Networks
Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems
Soggetto non controllato: Engineering
Software engineering
Data mining
Computational Intelligence
Communications Engineering, Networks
Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems
Termine d'indicizzazione-Occupazione: Engineering
Software engineering
Data mining
Computational Intelligence
Communications Engineering, Networks
Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems
Classificazione LOC: QA75.5 .I23 2012
Creatori/Collaboratori: Wyld, David C.
Zizka, Jan.
Nagamalai, Dhinaharan
Note generali: International conference proceedings.
Contenuto supplementare: Includes bibliographical references and author index.
Nota di contenuto: Partitioning and Internetworking Wireless Mesh Network with Wired Network for Delivery Maximization and QoS Provisioning / Soma Pandey, Vijay Pande, Govind Kadambi and Stephen Bate -- A New Secret Key Cipher: C128 / Indrajit Das and R. Saravanan -- Optimal Bandwidth Allocation Technique in IEEE 802.11e Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) / R. Mynuddin Sulthani and D. Sreenivasa Rao -- Trusted AODV for Trustworthy Routing in MANET / Sridhar Subramanian and Baskaran Ramachandran -- Dynamic Fuzzy Based Reputation Model for the Assurance of Node Security in AODV for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network / Arifa Azeez and K.G. Preetha -- Policy Based Traffic in Video on Demand System / Soumen Kanrar -- Distance Aware Zone Routing Protocol for Less Delay Transmission and Efficient Bandwidth Utilization / Dhanya Sudarsan, P.R. Mahalingam and G. Jisha -- Mobile Data Offloading: Benefits, Issues, and Technological Solutions / Vishal Gupta and Mukesh Kumar Rohil -- Performance Analysis of Gigabit Ethernet Standard for Various Physical Media Using Triple Speed Ethernet IP Core on FPGA / V.R. Gad, R.S. Gad and G.M. Naik -- Assortment of Information from Mobile Phone Subscribers Using Chronological Model [IGCM]: Application and Management Perspective / Neeraj Kumar and Raees A. Khan -- Modeling Soft Handoffs' Performance in a Realistic CDMA Network / Moses E. Ekpenyong and Enobong Umana -- A Security Approach for Mobile Agent Based Crawler / Vimal Upadhyay, Jai Balwan, Gori Shankar and Amritpal.
Prospects and Limitations of Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs) / B.K. Kaushik, Brijesh Kumar, Y.S. Negi and Poornima Mittal -- Active Learning with Bagging for NLP Tasks / Ruy Luiz Milidiú, Daniel Schwabe and Eduardo Motta -- Mining Queries for Constructing Materialized Views in a Data Warehouse / T.V. Vijay Kumar, Archana Singh and Gaurav Dubey -- Similarity Based Cluster Analysis on Engineering Materials Data Sets / Doreswamy and K.S. Hemanth -- A Chaotic Encryption Algorithm: Robustness against Brute-Force Attack / Mina Mishra and V.H. Mankar -- Introducing Session Relevancy Inspection in Web Page / Sutirtha Kumar Guha, Anirban Kundu and Rana Dattagupta -- Way Directing Node Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / M. Neelakantappa, A. Damodaram and B. Satyanarayana -- Web-Page Prediction for Domain Specific Web-Search Using Boolean Bit Mask / Sukanta Sinha, Rana Dattagupta and Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay -- Security Enhanced Digital Image Steganography Based on Successive Arnold Transformation / Minati Mishra, Sunit Kumar and Subhadra Mishra -- Impact of Bandwidth on Multiple Connections in AODV Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network / K.G. Preetha, A. Unnikrishnan and K. Paulose Jacob -- Conceptualizing an Adaptive Framework for Pervasive Computing Environment / Akhil Mohan and Nitin Upadhyay -- Dynamic DCF Backoff Algorithm(DDBA) for Enhancing TCP Performance in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks / B. Nithya, C. Mala, B. Vijay Kumar and N.P. Gopalan.
Hybrid Cluster Validation Techniques / Satish Gajawada and Durga Toshniwal -- Energy Efficient and Minimal Path Selection of Nodes to Cluster Head in Homogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks / S. Taruna, Sheena Kohli and G.N. Purohit -- Texel Identification Using K-Means Clustering Method / S. Padmavathi, C. Rajalaxmi and K.P. Soman -- Single and Multi Trusted Third Party: Comparison, Identification and Reduction of Malicious Conduct by Trusted Third Party in Secure Multiparty Computing Protocol / Zulfa Shaikh and Poonam Garg -- Ubiquitous Medical Learning Using Augmented Reality Based on Cognitive Information Theory / Zahra Mohana Gebril, Imam Musa Abiodunde Tele, Mohammed A. Tahir, Behrang Parhizkar and Anand Ramachandran, et al. -- A Secured Transport System by Authenticating Vehicles and Drivers Using RFID / C.K. Marigowda, J. Thriveni and Javid K. Karangi -- Virtualization of Large-Scale Data Storage System to Achieve Dynamicity and Scalability in Grid Computing / Ajay Kumar and Seema Bawa -- Behavioral Profile Generation for 9/11 Terrorist Network Using Efficient Selection Strategies / S. Karthika, A. Kiruthiga and S. Bose -- A Quantitative Model of Operating System Security Evaluation / Hammad Afzali and Hassan Mokhtari -- Energy Management in Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) / Dilli Ravilla and Chandra Shekar Reddy Putta -- A New Approach for Vertical Handoff in Wireless 4G Network / Vijay Malviya, Praneet Saurabh and Bhupendra Verma.
An Analysis on Critical Information Security Systems / A Technical Review Tour and Study of the Sensitive Information Security Methods and Techniques / Sona Kaushik and Shalini Puri -- Emergency Based Remote Collateral Tracking System Using Google's Android Mobile Platform / Prabhu Dorairaj, Saranya Ramamoorthy and Ashok Kumar Ramalingam -- Performance Analysis of (AIMM-I46) Addressing, Inter-mobility and Interoperability Management Architecture between IPv4 and IPv6 Networks / Gnana Jayanthi Joseph and S. Albert Rabara -- Strong Neighborhood Based Stable Connected Dominating Sets for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / Natarajan Meghanathan and Michael Terrell -- OERD -- On Demand and Efficient Replication Dereplication / Vardhan Manu, Gupta Paras and Kushwaha Dharmender Singh -- A Mathematical Model for Performance Evaluation and Comparison of MAP Selection Schemes in n Layer HMIPv6 Networks / Abhishek Majumder -- Utilizing Genetic Algorithm in a Sink Driven, Energy Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks / Hosny M. Ibrahim, Nagwa M. Omar and Ali H. Ahmed -- Load Balancing with Reduced Unnecessary Handoff in Hierarchical Macro/Femto-cell WiMAX Networks / Prasun Chowdhury, Anindita Kundu, Iti Saha Misra and Salil K. Sanyal -- A Study on Transmission-Control Middleware on an Android Terminal in a WLAN Environment / Hiromi Hirai, Kaori Miki, Saneyasu Yamaguchi and Masato Oguchi -- A Study of Location-Based Data Replication Techniques and Location Services for MANETs / C.B. Chandrakala, K.V. Prema and K.S. Hareesha.
A Comparative Analysis of Modern Day Network Simulators / Debajyoti Pal -- Design and Implementation of a RFID Based Prototype SmArt LibrARY (SALARY) System Using Wireless Sensor Networks / K.S. Kushal, H.K. Muttanna Kadal, S. Chetan and Shivaputra -- Optimal Route Life Time Prediction of Dynamic Mobile Nodes in Manets / Ajay Kumar, Shany Jophin, M.S. Sheethal and Priya Philip -- Reachability Analysis of Mobility Models under Idealistic and Realistic Environments / Chirag Kumar, C.K. Nagpal, Bharat Bhushan and Shailender Gupta -- Chaotic Cipher Using Arnolds and Duffings Map / Mina Mishra and V.H. Mankar -- Effect of Sound Speed on Localization Algorithm for Underwater Sensor Networks / Samedha S. Naik and Manisha J. Nene -- An Analytical Model for Power Control B-MAC Protocol in WSN / V. Ramchand and D.K. Lobiyal -- Enterprise Mobility -- A Future Transformation Strategy for Organizations / Jitendra Maan -- Allocation of Guard Channels for QoS in Hierarchical Cellular Network / Kashish Parwani and G.N. Purohit -- Application Development and Cost Analysis for Content Based Publish Subscribe Model in Mobile Environment / Medha A. Shah and P.J. Kulkarni -- Energy Aware AODV (EA-AODV) Using Variable Range Transmission / Pinki Nayak, Rekha Agarwal and Seema Verma -- Automatic Speech Recognizer Using Digital Signal Processor / Raghavendra M. Shet and Raghunath S. Holambe -- Pre Decision Based Handoff in Multi Network Environment / Manoj Sharma and R.K. Khola.
A Swarm Inspired Probabilistic Path Selection with Congestion Control in MANETs / Subhankar Joardar, Vandana Bhattacherjee and Debasis Giri -- A Hierarchical CPN Model for Mobility Analysis in Zone Based MANET / Moitreyee Dasgupta, Sankhayan Chaudhury and Nabendu Chaki -- Sensor Deployment for Mobile Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks / Yingchi Mao and Ting Yin -- ELRM: A Generic Framework for Location Privacy in LBS / Muhamed Ilyas and R. Vijayakumar -- Energy Efficient Administrator Based Secure Routing in MANET / Himadri Nath Saha, Debika Bhattacharyya and P.K. Banerjee -- Effect of Mobility on Trust in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network / Amit Kumar Raikwar -- Securing Systems after Deployment / David (DJ) Neal and Syed (Shawon) Rahman -- On the Security of Two Certificateless Signature Schemes / Young-Ran Lee -- Information Security Using Chains Matrix Multiplication / Ch. Rupa and P.S. Avadhani -- Formal Security Verification of Secured ECC Based Signcryption Scheme / Atanu Basu, Indranil Sengupta and Jamuna Kanta Sing -- Universal Steganalysis Using Contourlet Transform / V. Natarajan and R. Anitha -- Algorithm for Clustering with Intrusion Detection Using Modified and Hashed K -- Means Algorithms / M. Varaprasad Rao, A. Damodaram and N. Ch. Bhatra Charyulu -- Z Transform Based Digital Image Authentication Using Quantization Index Modulation (Z-DIAQIM) / Nabin Ghoshal, Soumit Chowdhury and Jyotsna Kumar Mandal -- Secret Data Hiding within Tolerance Level of Embedding in Quality Songs (DHTL) / Uttam Kr. Mondal and J.K. Mandal.
A Novel DFT Based Information Embedding for Color Image Authentication (DFTIECIA) / J.K. Mandal and S.K. Ghosal -- A Real Time Detection of Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks Using Cumulative Sum Algorithm and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System / R. Anitha, R. Karthik, V. Pravin and K. Thirugnanam -- Encryption of Images Based on Genetic Algorithm -- A New Approach / Jalesh Kumar and S. Nirmala -- Content Based Image Retrieval Using Normalization of Vector Approach to SVM / Sumit Dhariwal, Sandeep Raghuwanshi and Shailendra Shrivastava -- Modified Grøstl: An Efficient Hash Function / Gurpreet Kaur, Vidyavati S. Nayak, Dhananjoy Dey and S.K. Pal -- Iris Recognition Systems with Reduced Storage and High Accuracy Using Majority Voting and Haar Transform / V. Anitha and R. Leela Velusamy -- Recovery of Live Evidence from Internet Applications / Ipsita Mohanty and R. Leela Velusamy -- Face Detection Using HMM -SVM Method / Nupur Rajput, Pranita Jain and Shailendra Shrivastava -- High Capacity Lossless Semi-fragile Audio Watermarking in the Time Domain / Sunita V. Dhavale, R.S. Deodhar and L.M. Patnaik -- Key Management Protocol in WIMAX Revisited / Noudjoud Kahya, Nacira Ghoualmi and Pascal Lafourcade -- Image Authentication Technique Based on DCT (IATDCT) / Nabin Ghosal, Anirban Goswami, Jyotsna Kumar Mondal and Dipankar Pal -- Survey on a Co-operative Multi-agent Based Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems Using MIBs / Ashvini Vyavhare, Varsharani Bhosale, Mrunal Sawant and Fazila Girkar.
A Binary Vote Based Comparison of Simple Majority and Hierarchical Decision for Survivable Networks / Charles A. Kamhoua, Kevin A. Kwiat and Joon S. Park -- A Novel Way of Protecting the Shared Key by Using Secret Sharing and Embedding Using Pseudo Random Numbers / P. Devaki and G. Raghavendra Rao -- Security Assurance by Efficient Non-repudiation Requirements / S.K. Pandey and K. Mustafa -- Poor Quality Watermark Barcodes Image Enhancement / Mohammed A. Atiea, Yousef B. Mahdy and Abdel-Rahman Hedar -- Hiding Data in FLV Video File / Mohammed A. Atiea, Yousef B. Mahdy and Abdel-Rahman Hedar -- Taxonomy of Network Layer Attacks in Wireless Mesh Network / K. Ganesh Reddy and P. Santhi Thilagam -- Implementing Availability State Transition Model to Quantify Risk Factor / Shalini Chandra and Raees Ahmad Khan -- Performance Analysis of Fast DOA Estimation Using Wavelet Denoising over Rayleigh Fading Channel on MIMO System / A.V. Meenakshi, R. Kayalvizhi and S. Asha -- DAGITIZER -- A Tool to Generate Directed Acyclic Graph through Randomizer to Model Scheduling in Grid Computing / D.I. George Amalarethinam and P. Muthulakshmi -- A New Fault Tolerant Routing Algorithm for Advance Irregular Alpha Multistage Interconnection Network / Ved Prakash Bhardwaj and Nitin -- Comparing and Analyzing the Energy Efficiency of Cloud Database and Parallel Database / Jie Song, Tiantian Li, Xuebing Liu and Zhiliang Zhu.
A Grid Fabrication of Traffic Maintenance System / Avula Anitha, Rajeev Wankar and C. Raghavendra Rao -- Intrusion Detection and QoS Security Architecture for Service Grid Computing Environment / Raghavendra Prabhu, Basappa B. Kodada and K.M. Shivakumar -- Service Composition Design Pattern for Autonomic Computing Systems Using Association Rule Based Learning / Mohammed A.R. Quadri, Vishnuvardhan Mannava and T. Ramesh -- An Enhancement to AODV Protocol for Efficient Routing in VANET -- A Cluster Based Approach / M.C. Aswathy and C. Tripti -- Human Emotion Recognition and Classification from Digital Colour Images Using Fuzzy and PCA Approach / Shikha Tayal and Sandip Vijay -- A New Process Placement Algorithm in Multi-core Clusters Aimed to Reducing Network Interface Contention / Ghobad Zarrinchian, Mohsen Soryani and Morteza Analoui -- Resource Based Optimized Decentralized Grid Scheduling Algorithm / Piyush Chauhan and Nitin -- Web-Based GIS and Desktop Open Source GIS Software: An Emerging Innovative Approach for Water Resources Management / Sangeeta Verma, Ravindra Kumar Verma, Anju Singh and Neelima S. Naik -- A Design Pattern for Service Injection and Composition of Web Services for Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Computing Systems with SOA / Vishnuvardhan Mannava, T. Ramesh and Mohammed A.R. Quadri -- A Policy Driven Business Logic Change Management for Enterprise Web Services / M. Thirumaran, P. Dhavachelvan and G. Naga Venkata Kiran.
Sommario/riassunto: The International conference series on Computer Science, Engineering & Applications (ICCSEA) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on understanding computer science, engineering and applications and to establish new collaborations in these areas. The Second International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering & Applications (ICCSEA-2012), held in Delhi, India, during May 25-27, 2012 attracted many local and international delegates, presenting a balanced mixture of intellect and research both from the East and from the West. Upon a strenuous peer-review process the best submissions were selected leading to an exciting, rich and a high quality technical conference program, which featured high-impact presentations in the latest developments of various areas of computer science, engineering and applications research.
Collana: Advances in intelligent and soft computing, 1867-5662 ; 167
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