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Runtime verification : 19th International Conference, RV 2019, Porto, Portugal, October 8-11, 2019, Proceedings / Bernd Finkbeiner, Leonardo Mariani (eds.).

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Creatore: RV (Conference) (19th : 2019 : Porto, Portugal)
Titolo: Runtime verification : 19th International Conference, RV 2019, Porto, Portugal, October 8-11, 2019, Proceedings / Bernd Finkbeiner, Leonardo Mariani (eds.).
Link to work: Runtime verification Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2019
Estensione: 1 online resource (x, 413 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Tipo formato: computer
Tipo contenuto: text
Tipo supporto: online resource
Disciplina: 005.1/4
Titolo uniforme di collana: Lecture notes in computer science ; 11757.
LNCS sublibrary. SL 2, Programming and software engineering.
Genere/Forma: Electronic books
Conference papers and proceedings
Classificazione LOC: QA76.76.V47
Creatori/Collaboratori: Finkbeiner, Bernd, [editor.]
Mariani, Leonardo, [editor.]
Note generali: International conference proceedings.
Includes author index.
Nota di contenuto: Intro; Preface; Organization; Contents; A Retrospective Look at the Monitoring and Checking (MaC) Framework; 1 Introduction; 2 MaC Design Highlights; 2.1 Specification Languages and Their Semantics; 2.2 Tool Architecture; 2.3 Response; 3 Lessons Learned; 3.1 Reflections on MaC Design Decisions; 3.2 Applications of Runtime Verification in Safety-Critical Systems; References; Introspective Environment Modeling; 1 Introduction; 2 Introspective Environment Modeling: The Idea; 2.1 Problem Setup; 2.2 Illustrative Example; 2.3 Formalization; 3 IEM for Synthesis from Temporal Logic; 3.1 Example
3.2 IEM for LTL Synthesis3.3 Results; 4 Conclusion; References; Robustness of Specifications and Its Applications to Falsification, Parameter Mining, and Runtime Monitoring with S-TaLiRo; 1 Introduction; 2 Systems and Signals; 2.1 Input Signals; 2.2 Automotive Transmission (AT); 3 Metric Temporal Logic; 3.1 Parametric Metric Temporal Logic; 4 Robustness of Metric Temporal Logic Formulas; 5 Falsification with S-TaLiRo; 5.1 Falsification with the Hybrid Distance; 6 Parameter Mining; 6.1 Monotonicity of Parametric MTL; 6.2 Robustness-Guided Parameter Mining; 7 Runtime Monitoring
8 Future Directions9 Conclusions; References; On the Runtime Enforcement of Timed Properties; 1 Principles and Concepts in Runtime Enforcement; 1.1 Specification; 1.2 Trace; 1.3 Enforcement Mechanism; 1.4 Deployment; 1.5 Enforceability; 1.6 Application Domains; 2 Real-Time Systems and Specifications with Time Constraints; 2.1 Preliminaries and Notations; 2.2 Timed Automata; 2.3 Partitioning the States of a Timed Automaton; 2.4 Classification of Timed Properties; 3 Overview of RE Approaches for Timed Properties; 4 A Framework for the Runtime Enforcement of Timed Properties; 4.1 Overview
4.2 Intuition on an Example5 Tool Implementations; 6 Open Challenges and Avenues for Future Work; References; Algorithms for Monitoring Hyperproperties; 1 Introduction; 2 Related Work; 3 Preliminaries; 3.1 Logics for Hyperproperties; 3.2 HyperLTL; 3.3 Finite Trace Semantics; 3.4 Monitorability of HyperLTL Specifications; 4 Algorithms for Monitoring Hyperproperties; 4.1 Combinatorial Approaches; 4.2 Constraint-Based Approaches; 5 Optimizations; 5.1 Specification Analysis; 5.2 Trace Analysis; 5.3 Tree Maintaining Formulas and Conjunct Splitting; 6 Experimental Results; 7 Conclusion; References
Stream-Based Monitors for Real-Time Properties1 Introduction; 2 Stream Specification Languages; 2.1 A Classification of Stream Specification Languages; 2.2 Memory Analysis; 3 Parameterized Stream Specifications; 4 Embedding Real-Time Logics in RTLola Using Parameterized Specifications; 5 Bibliographic Remarks; 6 Conclusion; References; Accelerated Learning of Predictive Runtime Monitors for Rare Failure; 1 Introduction; 2 Preliminaries; 3 Importance Sampling; 4 Running Example; 5 Training on Rare-Event Samples; 5.1 Generating Rare-Event Samples from an IS Distribution
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Sommario/riassunto: This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Runtime Verification, RV 2019, held in Porto, Portugal, in October 2019. The 25 regular papers presented in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 38 submissions. The RV conference is concerned with all aspects of monitoring and analysis of hardware, software and more general system executions. Runtime verification techniques are lightweight techniques to assess system correctness, reliability, and robustness; these techniques are significantly more powerful and versatile than conventional testing, and more practical than exhaustive formal verification. Chapter "Assumption-Based Runtime Verification with Partial Observability and Resets" and chapter "NuRV: a nuXmv Extension for Runtime Verification" are available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via
Collana: Lecture notes in computer science ; 11757
Formal methods
LNCS sublibrary. SL 2, Programming and software engineering
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ISBN: 9783030320799
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