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Advances in Swarm Intelligence : 5th International Conference, ICSI 2014, Hefei, China, October 17-20, 2014, Proceedings

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Creatore: Tan, Ying Visualizza persona
Titolo: Advances in Swarm Intelligence : 5th International Conference, ICSI 2014, Hefei, China, October 17-20, 2014, Proceedings
Link to work: Advances in Swarm Intelligence Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Cham : Springer International Publishing AG, 2014
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Disciplina: 006.3
Titolo uniforme di collana: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Ser.
Genere/Forma: Electronic books
Conference papers and proceedings
Classificazione: 54.10
Classificazione LOC: QA76.9.A43QA297-299
Creatori/Collaboratori: Shi, Yuhui
Coello Coello, Carlos A.
Note generali: 3.7 Shifted and Rotated Sharp Valley Function.
Nota di contenuto: Intro; Preface; Organization; Table of Contents -- Part II; Classification Methods; Semi-supervised Ant Evolutionary Classification; 1 Introduction; 2 Ant Evolutionary Classification Model; 3 Experiments; 3.1 Synthetic Dataset; 3.2 Real-World Dataset; 4 Conclusion; References; Evolutionary Ensemble Model for Breast Cancer Classification; 1 Introduction; 2 Related Work; 3 Methodology; 4 Simulation Results; 5 Conclusion and Future Work; References; Empirical Analysis of Assessments Metrics for Multi-class Imbalance Learning on the Back-Propagation Context; 1 Introduction.
2 Assessments Metrics for Multi-class Imbalance Learning3 Experimental Protocols; 3.1 Database Description; 3.2 Neural Network Configuration; 4 Experimental Results; 5 Conclusions; References; A Novel Rough Set Reduct Algorithm to Feature Selection Based on Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm; 1 Introduction; 2 Rough Set Theory; 3 Swarm Intelligence Based Rough Set Reduct Algorithm; 3.1 Ant Colony Optimization Based Reduct Algorithm (ACORS); 3.2 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Reduct Algorithm (PSORS); 4 Artificial Fish Swarm Based Reduct Algorithm (AFSARS); 5 Experiments and Results.
5.1 Datasets and Parameters Setting5.2 Results and Analysis; 6 Conclusion; References; Hand Gesture Shape Descriptor Based on Energy-Ratio and Normalized Fourier Transform Coefficients; 1 Introduction; 2 Contour of Hand Gesture Extraction; 3 Shape Descriptor of Hand Gesture; 3.1 Normalized Fourier Transform Coefficients; 3.2 Fourier Coefficients Selection Based on Energy-Ratio; 4 Experiments and Discussion; 5 Conclusions; References; A New Evolutionary Support Vector Machine with Application to Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis; 1 Introduction; 2 Related Works on Detection of PD.
3 The Proposed BFO-SVM Model4 Experimental Setup; 5 Experimental Results and Discussions; 6 Conclusions and Future Work; References; GPU-Based Methods; Parallel Bees Swarm Optimization for Association Rules Mining Using GPU Architecture; 1 Introduction; 2 Related Works; 3 BSO-ARM Algorithm; 4 Parallel Single Evaluation of Solution Algorithm; 5 Performance Evaluation; 6 Conclusion; References; A Method for Ripple Simulation Based on GPU; 1 Introduction; 2 Related Work; 3 Vector Algebra Operation; 3.1 Data Structures; 3.2 Data Operation; 4 Ripple Rendering; 4.1 Conjugate Gradient Method.
4.2 Wave Equation5 Experiment; 6 Conclusion; References; cuROB: A GPU-Based Test Suit for Real-Parameter Optimization; 1 Introduction; 1.1 Symbol Conventions and Definitions; 1.2 General Setup; 1.3 CUDA Interface and Implementation; 1.4 Test Suite Summary; 2 Speedup; 3 Unimodal Functions; 3.1 Shifted and Rotated Sphere Function; 3.2 Shifted and Rotated Ellipsoid Function; 3.3 Shifted and Rotated High Conditioned Elliptic Function; 3.4 Shifted and Rotated Discus Function; 3.5 Shifted and Rotated Bent Cigar Function; 3.6 Shifted and Rotated Different Powers Function.
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Collana: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Ser. ; v. 8795
ISBN: 9783319118970
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Altra ed. diverso supporto: Print version: Tan, Ying. Advances in Swarm Intelligence : 5th International Conference, ICSI 2014, Hefei, China, October 17-20, 2014, Proceedings. Cham : Springer International Publishing AG, ©2014 9783319118963