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Proceedings of seventh International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: theories and applications (BIC-TA 2012). Volume 1 / Jagdish Chand Bansal [and others], editors

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Creatore: International Conference on Bio-inspired Computing, Theories and Applications (7th : 2012 : Gwalior, India)
Titolo: Proceedings of seventh International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: theories and applications (BIC-TA 2012). Volume 1 / Jagdish Chand Bansal [and others], editors
Link to work: Proceedings of seventh International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: theories and applications (BIC-TA 2012). Volume 1 Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: New Delhi ; New York : Springer, ©2013
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Tipo formato: computer
Tipo contenuto: text
Tipo supporto: online resource
Disciplina: 006.3
Titolo uniforme di collana: Advances in intelligent systems and computing ; v. 201.
Genere/Forma: Electronic books
Conference papers and proceedings
Index term-Uncontrolled: Engineering
Data mining
Artificial intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Soggetto non controllato: Engineering
Data mining
Artificial intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Termine d'indicizzazione-Occupazione: Engineering
Data mining
Artificial intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Classificazione LOC: Q335 .I58 2012
Creatori/Collaboratori: Bansal, Jagdish Chand
Nota di contenuto: Stochastic Algorithms for 3D Node Localization in Anisotropic Wireless Sensor Networks -- An Evaluation of Classification Algorithms Using Mc Nemar's Test -- Permitting Features in P Systems Generating Picture Arrays -- An ACO Framework for Single Track Railway Scheduling Problem -- Bio-Inspired Soft-Computational Framework for Speech and Image Application -- Leukocyte Classification in Skin Tissue Images -- Solving Application Oriented Graph Theoretical Problems with DNA Computing -- Human Identification Using Heartbeat Interval Features and ECG Morphology -- Improved Real-Time Discretize Network Intrusion Detection System -- Identification and Impact Assessment of High-Priority Field Failures in Passenger Vehicles Using Evolutionary Optimization -- Automatic Agricultural Leaves Recognition System -- Non-Uniform Mapping in Binary-Coded Genetic Algorithms.
Control Words of Transition P Systems -- Iso-Array Splicing Grammar System -- GA based Dimension Reduction for enhancing performance of k-Means and Fuzzy k-Means: A Case Study for Categorization of Medical Dataset -- A Computational Intelligence based Approach to Telecom Customer Classification for Value Added Services -- An Efficient Approach on Rare Association Rule Mining -- A Hybrid Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Non-redundant Gene Marker Selection -- Application of High Quality Amino Acid Indices to AMS 3.0: A Update Note -- Constructive Solid Geometry Based Topology Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithm -- Array P Systems with Hybrid Teams -- An Approach for the Ordering of Evaluation of Objectives in Multiobjective Optimization -- Extended Forma: Analysis and an Operator Exploiting it -- Incorporating Great Deluge with Harmony Search for Global Optimization Problems.
Boundary Handling Approaches in Particle Swarm Optimization -- Diversity Measures in Artificial Bee Colony -- Digital Video Watermarking Using Scene Detection -- Self Adaptive Acceleration Factor in Particle Swarm Optimization -- Applying Case Based Reasoning in Cuckoo Search for the Expedition of Groundwater Exploration -- Reversible OR Logic Gate Design Using DNA -- Performance Enhanced Hybrid Artificial Neural Network for Abnormal Retinal Image Classification -- Algorithmic Tile Self-assembly Model for the Minimum Dominating Set Problem -- Semantic Sub-tree Crossover Operator for Postfix Genetic Programming -- Exploration Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization using Guided Re-Initialization -- Using Firefly Algorithm to Solve Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem -- Analysis of Cellular Automata and Genetic Algorithm based Test Pattern Generators for Built In Self Test -- Ant Colony-based System for Retinal Blood Vessels Segmentation.
An Efficient Neural Network Based Background Subtraction Method -- JustThink: Smart BCI Applications -- Interpretability Issues in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Fuzzy Knowledge Base Systems -- Hybrid Firefly Based Simultaneous Gene Selection and Cancer Classification Using Support Vector Machines and Random Forests -- Recognition of Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Strokes Using Support Vector Machine -- An Optimal Fuzzy Logic Controller Tuned with Artificial Immune System -- Comparisons of Different Feature Sets for Predicting Carbohydrate-Binding Proteins From Amino Acid Sequences Using Support Vector Machine -- A PSO Based Smart Unit Commitment Strategy for Power Systems Including Solar Energy -- A User-Oriented Content Based Recommender System Based on Reclusive Methods and Interactive Genetic Algorithm.
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Sommario/riassunto: The book is a collection of high quality peer reviewed research papers presented in Seventh International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing (BIC-TA 2012) held at ABV-IIITM Gwalior, India. These research papers provide the latest developments in the broad area of "Computational Intelligence". The book discusses wide variety of industrial, engineering and scientific applications of nature/bio-inspired computing and presents invited papers from the inventors/originators of novel computational techniques.
Collana: Advances in intelligent systems and computing, 2194-5357 ; v. 201
Varianti del titolo: BIC-TA 2012
ISBN: 9788132210382
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Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
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Lo trovi qui: New York University
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