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Soft computing in information communication technology. Volume 1 / Jia Luo (ed.).

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Creatore: International Conference on Soft Computing in Information Communication Technology (2012 : Hong Kong, China)
Titolo: Soft computing in information communication technology. Volume 1 / Jia Luo (ed.).
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Pubblicazione: Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012
Estensione: 1 online resource.
Tipo formato: computer
Tipo contenuto: text
Tipo supporto: online resource
Disciplina: 006.3
Titolo uniforme di collana: Advances in intelligent and soft computing ; 158.
Genere/Forma: Electronic books
Conference papers and proceedings
Index term-Uncontrolled: Engineering
Multimedia systems
Computational Intelligence
Communications Engineering, Networks
Multimedia Information Systems
Soggetto non controllato: Engineering
Multimedia systems
Computational Intelligence
Communications Engineering, Networks
Multimedia Information Systems
Termine d'indicizzazione-Occupazione: Engineering
Multimedia systems
Computational Intelligence
Communications Engineering, Networks
Multimedia Information Systems
Classificazione: 54.79
Classificazione LOC: QA76.9.S63 I58 2012
Creatori/Collaboratori: Luo, Jia.
Contenuto supplementare: With bibliographical references and index.
Nota di contenuto: Gaussian-Heimite in the Atom Population Solution / Liu Xin -- The Study of Financial Management Information for Business Process Reengineering under the Low-Carbon Economy / Xuesong Jiang, Yan Xu and Nanyun Xiao -- Measures of Building Tax Information / Dongling Li, Ying He, Yunpeng Xu and Yadong Fan -- A New Type of Using Morphology Methods to Detect Blood Cancer Cells / Yujie Li, Lifeng Zhang, Huimin Lu, Yuhki Kitazono and Shiyuan Yang, et al. -- An Automatic Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Weighting Fuzzy C-Means Clustering / Yujie Li, Huimin Lu, Lifeng Zhang, Junwu Zhu and Shiyuan Yang, et al. -- Secure DV-Hop Localization against Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks / Ting Zhang, Jingsha He and Yang Zhang -- An Analysis on the Application and Development Trend of CAD Technology of Our Country / Huanzhi Gao, Beiji Zou and Xiaoying Wang -- Na+ Distribution and Secretion Characters from Tamarix Hispida under Salt Stress / Tingting Pan, Weihong Li and Yapeng Chen -- The Design of Function Signal Generator Based on Delphi and ARM / Zhao-yun Sun, Xiao-bing Du, Feng-fei Wang and Peng Yan -- The Optimal Joint Power Allocation Scheme and Antennas Design in AF MIMO Relay Networks / Yuanfeng Peng and Youzheng Wang -- A Novel Adaptive Digital Pre-distortion Method in the UHF RFID System / Dan-Feng Li, Chun Zhang, Ziqiang Wang, Jing-Chao Wang and Xu-Guang Sun -- Design of UHF RFID Tag with On-Chip Antenna / Xijin Zhao, Chun Zhang, Yongming Li, Ziqiang Wang and Yuhui He -- An Ultra Low Power RF Frontend of UHF RFID Transponder Using 65 nm CMOS Technology / Yongpan Wang, Chun Zhang, Ziqiang Wang and Yongming Li -- Privacy Treat Factors for VANET in Network Layer / Hun-Jung Lim and Tai-Myoung Chung -- Study on the State-Owned Forest Resources Management System Based on Forestry Classified Management / Jie Wang, Yude Geng and Kai Pan -- An Analysis of the Decision-Making Model about the Talents' Flow in China's University / Lin Hongquan, Zhang Jinzhu and Shi Yuxia.
A Review on Service Quality and Student Satisfaction of Higher Education / Xiaoyang Zhao -- Effects of Path Length on the Similarity of Network Nodes Based on RTT / Nafei Zhu and Jingsha He -- Efficient CT Metal Artifacts Reduction Based on Improved Conductivity Coefficient / Yi Zhang, Yifei Pu and Jiliu Zhou -- Research and Design of Teaching Strategies and Rules Base on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation / Fengshe Yin and Lei Jiao -- A Novel Fraction-Based Hopfield Neural Networks / Jinrong Hu, Jiliu Zhou, Yifei Pu, Yan Liu and Yi Zhang -- Design of Optimized Fuzzy PID-Smith Controller on Flow Control in Real-Time Multimedia Communication / Hong-yan Qi and Man Li -- Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Local Trinary Patterns Algorithm for Moving Target Detection / Xuan Zhan and Xiang Li -- Intellectual Traffic System and Application in the Urban Road Safety / Xiaowei Wei and Yongfeng Ju -- The Research of Network Transmission Error Correction Based on Reed-Solomon Codes / Shiying Xia and Minsheng Tan -- Technology of Pipa Panel Texture and Contour Extraction Based on Improved GVF Snake Algorithm / Ying-lai Huang, Yi-xing Liu, Zhen-bo Liu, Jjian-min Su and Xiao-li Wang -- Design of Digital Servos Control System Based on ATmega128 / Xiaoguang Zhu, Qingyao Han and Zhangqi Wang -- Feature Fusion Using Three-Dimensional Canonical Correlation Analysis for Image Recognition / Xiaogang Gong, Jiliu Zhou, Huilin Wu, Gang Lei and Xiaohua Li -- Research on the Application of Program Design Pattern in Intelligent Optics Channel Analyzer / Yu Su, Huiyuan Zhao, Binghua Su, Xuedan Pei and Guojiang Hu -- Constructing Coarse-Grained System Dependence Graph Based on Ripple Effect / Lin Du, Haiyan Jiang and Xiuqin Hu -- A Survey on Applications of Program Slicing / Lin Du and Pingsheng Cai -- Recognizing Gait Using Haar Wavelet and Support Vector Machine / Libin Du and Wenxin Shao -- How to Do Contemporary College Communist Youth League's Work of ""Recommending the Excellent as the Party's Development Object"" Better / Ding Mingjun and Ye Chunqing.
On the Work of Contemporary College Counselors / Ding Mingjun and Ye Chunqing -- On the Enrollment Education of Post-90s College Freshmen / Li Dong and Ding Mingjun -- On the Class Collective Construction of Fine Study Style in College / Li Dong and Jin Shangjie -- Some Discussion about the Team-Building of University Student Cadres in a New Situation / Li Dong and Jin Shangjie -- Research on the Monopoly Management in Clothing Brand Communications and Innovative Ideas Construction / Peng Yong and Teng Kunyue -- Research of Value Segment Evaluation Index System Based on Campus Network / Xianmin Wei -- Study of Force Control in Ceramic Grinding Process / Pei-ze Li -- Computer Network Technician Professional Group of the Construction and Discover / Xue-Ping Chen -- Modern Information Technology Education and Change of Learning Style Research / Xue-Ping Chen -- Research on the Value Assessment of Wetland Ecosystem in Qilihai / Kehua Wang and Jieping Dong -- Study on the Rural Social Endowment Insurance System in Tianjin / Kehua Wang and Jieping Dong -- Comparative Analysis of the Economic Contribution of Sino-US Agricultural Economic System / Qin Ruiqi and Xu Le -- The Research and Application of Case-Based Reasoning in Fixture Design / Cui-yu Li and Rui Wang -- Research on Interaction of Enterprises in the Textile Cluster of China / Gao Jing and Yan Jianping -- The Mystery of Economy Structural Imbalance between China and America: A New Interpretation of Marshall-Lerner Condition / Han Boyin, Wang Dongping and Fu Bo -- Financial Fragility and the Study of KLR Signal Model Critical Value in China / Jin Ling, Han Boyin and Cai Miao -- The Research and Countermeasures on the College Students' Psychological Stress and Coping Styles / Yang Haicui -- The Application Research on Cotton Fabric of Natural Tea Pigments / Zhi-peng He and Zan-min Wu -- Extraction and Separation of Tea Effective Ingredients / Zhi-peng He and Zan-min Wu.
The Basic Elements of Modeling -- The Use of Lines in the Phoenix Vein: Using Mid-Western Zhou Dynasty Phoenix Vein Cup for a Case / Wenli Shao and Li Zhang -- On the Exploration and Research of Reinforcement on the Construction of University Students' Learning Atmosphere / Yang Haicui -- The Analysis of Mental Health Education among Impoverished College Students / Xiao Yue -- Research in Garment Cutting Plan Optimization System / Xiaoyun Wang, Zhenzhen Huang, Manliang Qiu and Fenglin Zhang -- An Econometric Analysis of the Consumption Difference in the Urban Household in China / Fu Xiaohuan and Li Yiwen -- The Application of Simulated Experimental Teaching in International Trade Course / Ma Tao -- Analysis on the Design of Intelligent Buildings Based on Low Carbon Ideas / Wang Jin -- The Integration of Industry with Finance's International Comparison / Hu Qiangren -- The Transfer of Rural Labor's Analysis / Hu Qiangren -- A Reflection on the Mental Health Education of College Students / Qi Zongli -- Analysis of Social Change of Neutral Fashion / Lili Xu and Yuhua Li -- Brief Study on the Economic Value of Advertising in Great Sports Event / Jiang Yi-fan and Xiao Chang -- Service Quality Comprehensive Evaluation and Research of Community Service Industry / Zhao Jing and Li Xiangbo -- Research on Policy Fluctuations on Coping with Australia Climatic Change / Xiaobo Hou and Zhenqing Sun -- Problems in the Ideological and Political Education in Contemporary Colleges and Their Countermeasures / Luquan Zhang -- Study on Cause Analysis and Educational Solutions of Learning Disabilities / Luquan Zhang -- Management of Multilevel Students after University Merger / Luquan Zhang -- Study on Leading University Student Party Members to Pioneers for Party Flag Luster / Wen Zhang -- Study on Mercerizing Technology of Sliver / Yiping Ji, Rui Wang and Xiuming Jiang -- The Furniture Design Strategies Based on Elderly Body Size / Qiuhui Wang and Aihui Yang -- New Characteristics of Clothing in the Culture of Social Gender / Guanglin Chen and Jing Sun -- A Research on University Teachers' Information Use Behavior Analysis Model / Wu Liming, Zhang Hui and Yang Xiudan.
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Collana: Advances in intelligent and soft computing, 1867-5662 ; 158
ISBN: 9783642291487
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