This page presents the main information about Share-VDE. More up to date resources and news can be found on Share-VDE wiki portal

Share-VDE is a collaborative endeavour, based on the requirements and perceptions of libraries, promoted by:

Casalini Libri, provider of bibliographic and authority data as member of the Program for Cooperative Cataloguing;
@CULT, provider of ILS, Discovery tools and Semantic web solutions for the cultural heritage sector;
with input and active participation from an international group of research libraries and influenced by the vision of the LD4P initiative.

The cooperative initiative is steered by the library community and enhanced by R&D activities aimed at identifying additional workflows and use cases according to priorities determined by the Share-VDE network.

Share-VDE currently connects the catalogues of libraries in the US and Canada, and is now expanding to a broader network, including European libraries. All partners contribute to the initiative through the Advisory Council and the working groups devoted to the various work streams.

Share-VDE platform hosts the data of the full member institutions:

The institutions taking advantage of the Share-VDE Linked Data Lifecycle Support and contributing to the Share-VDE knowledge base of library data are:

The institutions that participated in the R&D phases are:

Info and contacts

For more information about Share-VDE please refer to:

Share-VDE brochure
Share-VDE short overview
Share-VDE webinar
Linked data and Share-VDE Executive Summary
The Share-VDE Online portal user guide explains how to interact with the platform. A preview of the next version of the online portal is also available of the online portal is also available

To have a tour of the broader Share Family please see:

Share Family map
The Kubikat-LOD (Share-Art) prototype that has been concluded in 2019, along with Share-Art: demo video showing the preview of its next version

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