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Prologue : From 1984 to Total Information Awareness : President Ronald Reagan in 1984 ; Total Information Awareness ; Edward Snowden's NSA leads and PRISM ; Social networks' responses to NSA leaks and PRISM ; Reform government surveillance and reset the net -- Part II. Privacy in the age of big data : Social networks and privacy : Zero privacy and the Central Intelligence Agency ; The archer, carrier pigeons, and President Jimmy Carter ; The pervasiveness of Facebook ; Chairs are like Facebook ; Facebook and personal privacy ; Facebook friends and personal privacy ; Facebook, children, and COPPA ; Facebook, peer pressure, and social issues; Reality TV and social media ; YouTube and Facebook videos: Am I pretty or ugly? ; Netflix and social apps on Facebook ; Facebook timeline and Open Graph ; Ambient social apps ; Stalking apps and Facebook for sex ; Facial recognition apps ; Facial recognition on Facebook, Google+, and iPhone ; Virtual passports: from privacy to data use ; Social search: Google, plus Your World and Microsoft's Bing ; Self-destructing messages ; Facebook anonymous login ; Anonymous social apps ; Responses to zero privacy -- Smartphones and privacy : Smartphones ; Location tracking on iPhone and iPad ; Carrier IQ ; Smartphone data collection transparency ; Always on ; Mobile apps privacy invasion ; Mobile apps for children ; Android market and Google Play ; Apple's app store ; Facebook app center -- Privacy breaches : Google street view ; Google Easter eggs in disguise ; Apple software bugs ; Facebook user tracking bug and online behavioral tracking ; Carrier IQ and other privacy blunders -- Part III. Business intelligence in social media : Business intelligence : Intelligent digital billboards ; Data mining, Amazon.com, Lowe's & Target, True & Co. ; Tumblr and Gmail: yes to advertisements ; Social ads on Facebook ; News Feed, Sponsored Stories, Custom Stories, and Facebook Exchange ; Mobile market 2011-present: Facebook for every phone ; Mobile market 2012-present: Instagram and mobile app install ads ; Mobile market 2013-present: Facebook home and parse ; Mobile market 2014-present: WhatsApp and Facebook Audience Network ; Location-based mobile advertisements ; Business communication on Facebook ; B2B, B2C, H2H on social media -- Facebook analytics, advertising, and marketing / Dennis Yu and Alex Hong : The viral cycle ; Metrics analysis action (MAA) ; Everything you need to know about Website Custom Audiences (WCA) ; Ten questions any Facebook marketing consultant should by able to answer ; The insider's guide to Facebook traffic ; Using exclusion targeting to filter out unwanted targets ; Guess where users are spending more time: TV or mobile/Web? ; The mechanics of Facebook ad budgeting ; How spending a few dollars on Facebook can turn you into an influencer ; The danger of buying Facebook fans ; How to tell if your ad is working and diagnose newsfeed burnout -- Part IV. The rise of Facebook nation : Twitter: a world of immediacy : The pen is mightier than the sword ; Citizen journalists ; A world of immediacy ; Prevalence of Twitter ; Advertisements and campaigns on Twitter ; Cuban Twitter: ZunZunco ; Creative uses of Twitter ; The downside of Twitter -- Misinformation and disinformation : The war of the worlds ; Misinformation and disinformation on Twitter and Facebook ; Ramifications and repercussions of misinformation and disinformation ; Trustworthiness of Wikipedia ; Google search sabotage ; Advertising misinformation and disinformation ; Authenticity of Facebook Profiles, Twitter accounts, and YouTube videos ; Facebook account verification ; Twitter verified accounts ; Abuse of power -- Wikipedia and the new Web / Emily Temple-Wood : History of Wikipedia ; Standard of quality ; Learning curve ; Wikipedia as major news source ; Wikipedians ; Acceptance of Wikipedia ; Wikipedia educational program ; Systemic bias and WikiProject women scientists ; Native language Wikipedia ; Wikipedia Zero -- E-government and E-activism : President Barack Obama and Web 2.0 ; Gov 2.0 apps ; The Kony 2012 phenomenon ; Reactions to Kony 2012 ; SOPA/PIPA blackout day ; Reactions to SOPA/PIPA blackout ; Battles over Internet legislations: OPEN, ACTA, CISPA ; Peace on Facebook and Facebook Donate ; Internet activism and Occupy Democracy ; Transnational (Arab-Israeli) Facebook nation ; Internet censorship in western democracies ; Internet censorship in China ; Arab spring uprisings. Egypt. Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey ; The rise of Facebook nation ; Electoral College, social network constitution, cyber civil rights.Part V. Total Information Awareness in Facebook nation : Generation C in the age of big data : Digital omnivores and Generation C ; Big data research and development initiative ; Big data in public health and economics ; Big data in Facebook and Google -- Living in Facebook nation : Digital personalities and identities ; Intertwining lives, online and offline ; Digital footprint and exhaust data ; Social media regrets ; Facebook social plug-in: Like ; Facebook knows who, when, where ; Online births and deaths in Facebook nation ; Memorialization on Facebook and life after death on social networks ; The Facebook cleanse or face-to-Facebook ; Connected cars: in-vehicle social networks and eXpressive Internet Architecture -- Connected home, Internet of Things, and Internet of me ; Internet addiction and digital detox -- Personal privacy and information management : Personal information for sale ; Personal information at risk Identity theft prevention ; Privacy protection ; Privacy on Facebook ; Privacy on Google ; Privacy on Smartphones ; Data vault: data is the new oil ; Personal analytics and social networks ; Community analytics and social networks -- Personal Total Information Awareness : Humanity's dashboard ; Ambient awareness and suicide prevention ; Parental awareness, school bullying and cyberbullying ; Student awareness and school safety ; Crime awareness and video surveillance ; Community awareness and neighborhood watch ; Situational awareness and traffic safety ; Location awareness and personal safety ; Information awareness and law enforcement ; Self-awareness and online dating ; Pandora's box of Total Information Awareness -- Part VI. Epilogue : From Total Information Awareness to 1984 : Brave new world of Total Information Awareness ; George Orwell's 1984 ; Aldous Huxley's Brave New World ; Point of no return: and Internet.org: "Every one of us, everywhere connected" ; Privacy and e-activism: mesh networks and peer-to-peer social networks ; Facebook questions : Two-way street of Total Information Awareness -- Appendix A. Facebook timeline (October 2003 -- August 2014 -- Appendix B. Facebook's two-year historical stock prices (May 18,2012-May 18, 2013).3Facebook (Firm)http://viaf.org/viaf/305094590Facebook (Electronic resource)Multimedia systems.Data protection.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh85035859Online social networks.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh2006006990InternetSecurity measures.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh2008104644Online social networksSocial aspects.Big dataSocial aspects.Privacy, Right of.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh85107029302.30285 LEEDEWEY1338620013510003/21/20183/14/2018ON_SHELFNORQ_MAIN7$103.95YYBOOK1/19/2015Facebook nationhttp://share-vde.org/sharevde/rdfBibframe/Work/3430465-1UALBERTA