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SL 7, Artificial intelligenceIncludes bibliographical references and author index.Social Networks -- Influence Clubs in Social Networks -- A Method of Label-Dependent Feature Extraction in Social Networks -- Identifying Representative Reviewers in Internet Social Media -- Fitcolab Experimental Online Social Networking System -- General Network Properties of Friendship Online Social Network -- Innovations in Computation and Application -- Fuzzy Decision Making for IJV Performance Based on Statistical Confidence-Interval Estimates -- Designing a Learning System Based on Voice Mail {u2013} A Case Study of English Oral Training -- A Gene Selection Method for Microarray Data Based on Sampling -- The Similarity of Video Based on the Association Graph Construction of Video Objects -- Using SOA Concept to Construct an e-Learning System for College Information Management Courses -- Cryptanalysis on Sun-Yeh{u2019}s Password-Based Authentication and Key Distribution Protocols with Perfect Forward Secrecy -- Using Genetic Algorithms for Personalized Recommendation -- Intellignet Signal Processing for Human-Machine Interaction (I) -- Pretreatment for Speech Machine Translation -- Emotion Aware Mobile Application -- Boosting-Based Ensemble Learning with Penalty Setting Profiles for Automatic Thai Unknown Word Recognition -- AONT Encryption Based Application Data Management in Mobile RFID Environment -- A Query Answering Greedy Algorithm for Selecting Materialized Views -- Capturing Users{u2019} Buying Activity at Akihabara Electric Town from Twitter -- Novel Approaches to Intelligent Applications -- Private Small-Cloud Computing in Connection with WinCE Thin Client -- Honey Bee Mating Optimization Algorithm for Approximation of Digital Curves with Line Segments and Circular Arcs -- Harmful Adult Multimedia Contents Filtering Method in Mobile RFID Service Environment -- Efficient GHA-Based Hardware Architecture for Texture Classification -- Stability by Feedback of the Second Order Singular Distributed Parameter Systems Containing Infinite Many Poles -- Mining Generalized Association Rules with Quantitative Data under Multiple Support Constraints -- Intelligent Technologies for Medical Related Applications -- Comparison of Edge Segmentation Methods to Tongue Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine -- The Grading of Prostatic Cancer in Biopsy Image Based on Two Stages Approach -- Automatic Drug Image Identification System Based on Multiple Image Features -- On the Development of a Brain Simulator -- Obstructive Sleep Apnea Diagnosis from Electroencephalography Frequency Variation by Radial Basis Function Neural Network -- Authentication and Protection for Medical Image -- Intellignet Signal Processing for Human-Machine Interaction (II) -- FLC-Regulated Speaker Adaptation Mechanisms for Speech Recognition -- Monitoring of the Multichannel Audio Signal -- Watermark Synchronization Based on Locally Most Stable Feature Points -- Audio Watermarking with HOS-Based Cepstrum Feature -- Processing Certificate of Authorization with Watermark Based on Grid Environment -- Novel Approaches to Collective Computations and Systems -- Probability Collectives Multi-Agent Systems: A Study of Robustness in Search -- An Improved Ant Algorithm for Fuzzy Data Mining -- Information-Driven Collective Intelligences -- Instructional Design for Remedial English e-Learning -- A Web-Based E-Teaching System under Low Bit-Rate Constraint -- Using Freeware to Construct a Game-Based Learning System -- Intelligent Systems -- Three Kinds of Negations in Fuzzy Knowledge and Their Applications to Decision Making in Financial Investment -- Using Fuzzy Neural Network to Explore the Effect of Internet on Quality of Life -- The Power Load Forecasting by Kernel PCA -- A Study of USB 3 in Perspective Aspect -- A Study of CAPTCHA and Its Application to User Authentication -- TAIEX Forecasting Based on Fuzzy Time Series and the Automatically Generated Weights of Defuzzified Forecasted Fuzzy Variations of Multiple-Factors -- Advanced Knowledgement Management (I) -- Concept Document Repository to Support Research of the Coal Industry Development Forecasting -- Forecasting Coal and Rock Dynamic Disaster Based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System -- Context-Aware Workflow Management Based on Formal Knowledge Representation Models -- A Consensus-Based Method for Fuzzy Ontology Integration -- Contextual Information Search Based on Ontological User Profile -- Rough Sets Based Association Rules Application for Knowledge-Based System Design.AnnotationThe three-volume set LNAI 6421, 6422 and 6423 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence, ICCCI 2010, held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in November 2010. Based on rigorous peer reviews, the program committee carefully selected 155 revised papers from 500 submissions for presentation in three volumes. The papers are organized in topical sections on collective intelligence in web systems - web systems analysis; intelligent computing for data security; smart clustering techniques; web service; quantitative management of technology; agent system; CCI-based optimization models; fuzzy logic and its applications; social networks; innovations in computation and application; intelligent signal processing for human-machine interaction; novel approaches to intelligent applications; intelligent technologies for medical related applications; novel approaches to collective computations and systems; intelligent systems; advanced knowledgement management; intelligent computing for image analysis; intelligent digital watermarking and pattern recognition; innovative information system and application; intelligent computing for networks; soft computing to industrial management and applications; innovations in pervasive computing; biological computing.Computational intelligenceCongresses.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh2008101457Semantic WebCongresses.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh2010112582Informatique.eclasComputational intelligence.fast(OCoLC)fst00871995Semantic Web.fast(OCoLC)fst01112076Computer Science.Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics).Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet).Computer Communication Networks.Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction.Pan, Jeng-Shyang.Chen, Shyi-Ming.http://isni.org/isni/0000000071578126Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh(Computer scientist)http://isni.org/isni/0000000043641888http://rdaregistry.info/Elements/m/P30004http://worldcat.org/oclc/693779276Print version:Computational collective intelligence.Berlin : Springer, 2010-9783642166921(OCoLC)681481195Lecture notes in computer science6422.http://share-vde.org/sharevde/rdfBibframe/Work/199003-1http://viaf.org/viaf/185480520Lecture notes in computer science.Lecture notes in artificial intelligence.http://share-vde.org/sharevde/rdfBibframe/Work/286084-1http://viaf.org/viaf/176246817LNCS sublibrary.SL 7,Artificial intelligence.http://share-vde.org/sharevde/rdfBibframe/Work/532506-1http://viaf.org/viaf/179599539Available to Stanford-affiliated users.https://stanford.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://link.springer.com/10.1007/978-3-642-16732-4WMSSpringerLinkProvider: SpringerpurchasedeLoaderURLsp4spocn693779276MARCBATCH EXPORTLTI20110409BATCH EXPORTLTI2011040992STFComputational collective intelligence : Part IIhttp://share-vde.org/sharevde/rdfBibframe/Work/3666003-1STANFORDINTERNET RESOURCEASIS19115363-1001INTERNETSULNYSUL4/9/2011TAX=8.25