04858cam a22005537a 450000575944920210614093934.0m o d cr n 120413s2012 gw o 101 0 eng d2012937589016092519Uk97836423034633642303463(WaSeSS)ssj0000697502BTCTAengBTCTAOHXUKMGBYDXCPBWXCTNOCLCOOCLCFDLCWaSeSSrdalccopycatQA76.9.A43F86 2010QA9.58.F86 2012QAlccoFUN (Conference)(6th :2012 :Venice, Italy)http://share-vde.org/sharevde/rdfBibframe/Agent/8020961http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/nb2012013874Fun with algorithms :6th International Conference, FUN 2012, Venice, Italy, June 4-6, 2012, proceedings /Evangelos Kranakis, Danny Krizanc, Flaminia Luccio (eds.).Berlin ;New York :Springer,2012.http://share-vde.org/sharevde/rdfBibframe/Publisher/181 online resource (xi, 394 p.)texttxtrdacontenthttp://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDAContentType/1020computercrdamediahttp://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDAMediaType/1002online resourcecrrdacarrierhttp://rdaregistry.info/termList/RDACarrierType/1018Lecture notes in computer science,0302-9743 ;7288 =LNCS Sublibrary,SL 1: Theoretical computer science and general issuesDescription based on print version record.Includes bibliographical references and index.Distributed Algorithms by Forgetful Mobile Robots /Paola Flocchini --Stability and Metastability of the Logit Dynamics of Strategic Games /Giuseppe Persiano --Art Galleries, k-modems, and k-convexity /Jorge Urrutia --The Vulcan Game of Kal-Toh: Finding or Making Triconnected Planar Subgraphs /Terry Anderson and Therese Biedl --Scandinavian Thins on Top of Cake: On the Smallest One-Size-Fits-All Box /Esther M. Arkin, Alon Efrat, George Hart, Irina Kostitsyna and Alexander Kröller, et al. --The Kissing Problem: How to End a Gathering When Everyone Kisses Everyone Else Goodbye /Michael A. Bender, Ritwik Bose, Rezaul Chowdhury and Samuel McCauley --Mad at Edge Crossings? Break the Edges! /Till Bruckdorfer and Michael Kaufmann --Train Marshalling Is Fixed Parameter Tractable /Leo Brueggeman, Michael Fellows, Rudolf Fleischer, Martin Lackner and Christian Komusiewicz, et al. --Conflict-Free Graph Orientations with Parity Constraints /Sarah Cannon, Mashhood Ishaque and Csaba D. Tóth --The Multi-interval Ulam-Rényi Game /Ferdinando Cicalese --Picture-Hanging Puzzles /Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine, Yair N. Minsky, Joseph S. B. Mitchell and Ronald L. Rivest, et al.Optimal Sensor Networks for Area Monitoring Using Rotating and Beam Sensors /Stefan Dobrev, Lata Narayanan and Jaroslav Opatrny --The Byzantine Brides Problem /Swan Dubois, Sébastien Tixeuil and Nini Zhu --Lean Programs, Branch Mispredictions, and Sorting /Amr Elmasry and Jyrki Katajainen --On Computer Integrated Rationalized Crossword Puzzle Manufacturing /Jakob Engel, Markus Holzer, Oliver Ruepp and Frank Sehnke --Solving Single-Digit Sudoku Subproblems /David Eppstein --Finding Good Coffee in Paris /Paola Flocchini, Matthew Kellett, Peter C. Mason and Nicola Santoro --To Satisfy Impatient Web Surfers Is Hard /Fedor V. Fomin, Frédéric Giroire, Alain Jean-Marie, Dorian Mazauric and Nicolas Nisse --Making Life Easier for Firefighters /Fedor V. Fomin, Pinar Heggernes and Erik Jan van Leeuwen --Counting Perfect Matchings in Graphs of Degree 3 /Martin Fürer --M.C. Escher Wrap Artist: Aesthetic Coloring of Ribbon Patterns /Ellen Gethner, David G. Kirkpatrick and Nicholas J. Pippenger --On the Complexity of Rolling Block and Alice Mazes /Markus Holzer and Sebastian Jakobi --Grid Graphs with Diagonal Edges and the Complexity of Xmas Mazes /Markus Holzer and Sebastian Jakobi.Computational complexityCongresses.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh2008101219AlgorithmsCongresses.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh2007100991Data structures (Computer science)Congresses.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh2009122874Artificial intelligenceCongresses.http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh2007101476Algorithms.fasthttp://id.worldcat.org/fast/805020Artificial intelligence.fasthttp://id.worldcat.org/fast/817247Computational complexity.fasthttp://id.worldcat.org/fast/871991Data structures (Computer science)fasthttp://id.worldcat.org/fast/887978Electronic books.Kranakis, Evangelos.Krizanc, Danny.Luccio, Flaminia,1969-http://rdaregistry.info/Elements/m/P30004http://worldcat.org/oclc/0000697502Print version:FUN (Conference) (6th : 2012 : Venice, Italy)Fun with algorithmsBerlin ; New York : Springer, 2012.97836423034633642303463(DLC) 2012937589(OCoLC)ocn792880508Lecture notes in computer science ;7288.http://share-vde.org/sharevde/rdfBibframe/Work/199003-1http://viaf.org/viaf/185480520Full text available from Springer Computer Science eBooks 2012 English/Internationalhttps://login.proxy.lib.duke.edu/login?url=https://link.springer.com/10.1007/978-3-642-30347-0ssj0000697502Library of CongressFun with algorithmshttp://share-vde.org/sharevde/rdfBibframe/Work/3449311-1DUKE