The achievement of the SHARE Virtual Discovery Environment project is based on the partnership between @Cult and Casalini Libri along with the cooperation of the participant libraries.

Phase 1 of the project started in October 2016 and Phase 2 began in March 2017. The production phase is now underway. Institutions interested in participating may contact us.

All types of material and scripts can be included.

In addition to its various outputs, the aim of the project is also to identify issues and problems related to the new information management, enrichment, entity identification, conversion, reconciliation and publication processes that use the paradigms of the semantic web but which, at the same time, allows the libraries to continue to handle their data as independently as possible.

The general aim is to design and propose solutions in a flexible configuration which meets the library community’s needs.


Share-VDE would like to thank the following institutions for their collaboration in this project: